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Hunting TipsPrepare & Repair Hunting Gear & Clothes with SG-20

Prepare & Repair Hunting Gear & Clothes with SG-20

Prepare & Repair Hunting Gear & Clothes with SG-20


REPAIR – While other products take 24 hours to dry, SG-20 sets in minutes and creates a watertight seal on neoprene, canvas, poly-urethane and an assortment of many other materials within one hour. So when a hunter experiences an unexpected tear or puncture in the field – waders, shoes, gloves and more – can be repaired in the field. Other sealants require 24 hours of dry-time to work, sidelining hunters when a wardrobe malfunction occurs. With SG-20, simply dry off the torn or punctured materials, apply the adhesive and let it dry. Within an hour the gear is usable again, keeping air, dirt and debris out.


PREPARE – No matter how expensive or technologically advanced waders are, they will eventually tear or rip in high-wear areas. SG-20 can help extend the life of waders by using it to reinforce the waders’ seams at the beginning of the season. Apply SG-20 along the lines of the inseam to reinforce the waders and minimize the risk of tearing.


To fix neoprene waders, simply clean and dry the damaged material and then apply SG-20. Have everything ready to go before you open the plunger because the adhesive sets fast – which is why it is so effective! Apply SG-20 according to the package instructions. The sealant sets in one minute and dries in one hour or less, creating a smooth, watertight seal. After it’s dry, SG-20 remains flexible, moving naturally with the material.


When mending lightweight breathable waders commonly worn by wading fishermen, the SG-20 adhesive is applied to the inside of the waders (the underside of GORE-TEX or nylon) rather than the outside.


Prepare hunting waders for a long lasting season by applying SG-20 sealant along the inseams of the pant legs – the place where waders get the most wear. This will reinforce the hold and minimize the risk of unexpected tears.


Examine your duck decoys for holes that could sink them. Use SG-20 to fill the holes and seal fractures and cracks in the decoy to ensure the birds will stay afloat.


SG-20 is excellent at repairing a variety of outdoor boots including Muck Boots™, frog toggs®, Xtra Tuff boots, wading boots and a variety of other rubber and canvas boots. The propriety, two-part adhesive doesn’t just stick to boots, it bonds to the boot creating a strong seal quickly and effectively. Even tough-to-repair problems like a tear at the toe bend can be fixed for long term wear with SG-20.


In addition to repairing small tears and punctures, SG-20 can take on big booth jobs like reattaching soles and bringing together tears at the seam.


SG-20 can also repair other hunting and outdoor clothing. Use it to repair rain gear, canvas hunting vests and blind bags, and neoprene hunting gloves.


Check out www.SG-20.com/content/SG-20-videos for application instructions and tips.


Other facts:

• Repairs with SG-20 have been shown to be incredibly durable, lasting five or more years in the field.

• This is the first hunting season that SG-20 is available nationally at retail


• The adhesive is incredibly versatile and bonds to a long list of material.


Some Examples are:

Neoprene, GORE-TEX and nylon waders
Muck Boots
frogg togs
Boots and shoes
Duck decoys


• The SG-20 repair kit includes one dual-barrel, 20 ml dispensing cartridge, an equalizing plunger, three precision mixing tips and a contouring plastic sheet that can be used to smooth out the sealant. Once the cartridge is opened, the adhesive can be used multiple times using the three mixing tips included. It remains shelf stable for up to one year when stored with a mix tip on.


• SG-20 is now on sale for the M.S.R.P. of $19.99 per kit at www.SG-20.com, Cabela’s stores and Cabelas.com, and other select retailers.


• Vettec, the maker of SG-20, first found success in marketing the material to farriers – the craftspeople who repair horses’ hooves. For more than 15 years the adhesive has been used to repair and protect horse hooves. In the equine industry, the adhesive in SG-20 is applied to a horse’s foot providing protection and support for animals that can range in weight from 840 to 1,300 pounds thus withstands 2,200 to 4,000 pounds per square inch (PSI). A testament to the strength of the seal.



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