Running in Rocky Mts
Running in Rocky Mts

How to Stay In Shape Year Around


Fitness is very important for hunters who want to get into the backcountry. If you are like me and are from the west and like to hunt the back country the only thing to get you there is your body. As many hunters know that vehicles and four-wheelers can ruin hunts. My type of hunting style is to get away from other people and get back to game that has not been distributed by other hunters or vehicles. For me to be able to successful in the back country I have to be fit and able to mobile on my feet for many miles.
To be fit for hunting season I have to work out year around. I like to work out year around and stay fit. Right before hunting season I like to fine tune my legs and cardio. There are many types of workouts you can do that will keep

Running the Trail
Running the Trail

you in shape but developing your own personal one is the best. A lot of people like to do cross-fit. I like to do cardio, lift weights, and do core exercises. The major thing about staying fit year around is being motivated and staying in a routine. As many of you know January is the peak season for the gym because of all the New Year’s resolutions. My peak of the gym starts in July and August depending on when my hunts start.
When you start to workout you have to be honest with yourself. How in shape are you? What are the areas you that you are weakest in? I like to work out around five times a week. My weak spot is my legs. They are strong but not strong enough. I am in decent shape, but there is always room for improvement. The biggest problem for me is time.


Everyone has a busy life and managing to fit the gym in your life is a huge struggle. To combat this you have to set up your schedule were you are consistent and go every day. This will help you get into a routine. Once, you get into a routine you will be able to start a workout cycle and plan. Make the time for the gym it will pay off in the field and in your daily life. Being more fit you feel better and have more motivation in your life.
My work out plan is always warm up with a run anywhere from 2-4 miles. After warm up I like to stretch for 10 minutes. Then I like to lift weight for 45 minutes to an hour. Below, I have made a table in my work out plan. After my work out I like to run or do some type of cardio to finish up the work out. I always end with stretching for 10 minutes this will allow your muscles to recover and prepared for the next day. I have noticed stretching helps with not being as sore the next day.


Outdoor Fitness Chart
Outdoor Fitness Chart


Cardio is the most important workout if you are not able to move around and go for hours you will not be able to hunt all day. Cardio will help you navigate the mountains and be successful. I have my own plan and it seems to work for me. Everyone has their own ideas and plans on how you should work out. I am going to share my ideas so you can create your own.


I like to work out five times a week. I warm up with cardio 2-4 miles and a good stretch after. I do cardio 3-4 times a week during the off season. When hunting season comes I do cardio 5 times a week. Before hunting season I like to hike with my backpack and weighted it down. If you cannot hike go to the gym and do the stair-master machine with a backpack on this is a great cardio exercise. If you have bad knees and cannot run that much a week. I would suggest walking as much as you can. Another alternative is to ride a bike or an elliptical machine. Do any type of cardio is going to help you for being success in the field. Always stretch after your workout it will help you recover faster.
Tips on chest, triceps, and abs exercise. On Mondays, I start my work out on this muscle group. Monday is a long work out session for me. The primary muscle here is the chest and secondary is triceps and core. To get the best results to be able to function with high reps 10-15 and 4 sets has worked for me. As a hunter you want to be able to move and function other than having big muscle that you cannot move and be athletic with. First, exercise is a flat bench dumbbell press.


Doing a chest workout I like to use dumbbells as much as possible because it will isolate the key muscle in your chest. Second, exercise is the incline dumbbell press. Third, exercise is dips this works your chest, shoulders, and triceps. On this exercise go to failure and do 4 sets. Fourth, exercise is cable fly. Fifth, exercise is the over-head tricep extension. Sixth, exercise is the triceps pull down use the rope attachment to do this exercise. Finally, I do burn out with abs to wrap up my work out.


The exercise I do is decline ab sit up, the ab roller, mad rush-ins, and bicycles. All of the ab works out are 4 sets with 10-15 reps. When you are working out only worry about yourself no else. Forum is everything when you lift so cut your weight and do controlled exercises.


Outdoor Fitness Chart 2


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Tips on legs exercise. This is the biggest muscle group in your body. As a hunter weight does not matter doing legs. You are trying to become leaner and more athletic. With legs you want to get high reps per each exercise. Before you start doing a leg work out always warm up and stretch. This will help you go deeper in your workout.


First, I like to do free squats 10-15 reps at 4 sets weight where you can push yourself but not hurt yourself. I see many people do max weights with bad forum. This does not help you train properly. Do lighter weights and 10-15 reps at 4 sets. The important thing with free squats is do the right forum and go deep. Second, exercise is lunges with no weights.


This isolates certain muscles in your legs. I like to do 3 sets 20 each leg. Third, exercise is the leg press. This works


every muscle group in your legs when you go deep. I do 10-15 rep at 3 sets. Fourth, exercise is the dead lift. This works your core and leg muscles from different angel when you are pulling up. Fifth, exercise is the laying leg curl 10-15 rep at 3 sets.


This works your hamstring. Sixth, exercise is the calf raise 10-15 at 3 sets. Seventh, exercise is the leg extension 10-15 reps at 3 sets. This workout works your quads. I like to do legs on Wednesday. These exercises have worked for to strengthen my legs and become more athletic over the years.


Outdoor Fitness Chart 3


Tips on shoulders and triceps exercise. I do shoulders towards the end of the week on Thursday. The primary muscle I focus on is shoulders and secondary is triceps. Shoulders can be worked out at many different angles. It is a small muscle group which has many components going on in it. It can be worked out with light weight which is controlled.


First, exercise is front military press. Second, exercise is the one arm standing shoulder press when doing this exercise do one shoulder at a time. This helps with isolate the muscle and engaging your core muscles. Third, exercise is the upright row. Fourth, exercise is the lateral flies do this with light weight for better control. While doing this exercise keep your palms down and elbows up.


Fifth, exercise is the front deltoid raise. Sixth, exercise is the rear deltoid fly. The next exercise will focus on your triceps. First, is the close grip bench press. Second, exercise is the overhead extension. Third, exercise is the triceps extension. These muscle groups are very important to focus on.


Outdoor Fitness Chart 4


Working out your back is very important because everything you do involves your back in some way. Tips on back and traps exercises. First, exercise is the front pull up with your palms backwards. Second, exercise is palms forward pull up. Third, exercise is the back push down similar to the triceps pull down but you use a bigger bar and it will isolate your back muscles. Forth, exercise is the seated row.


Fifth, exercise is the seated overhead row. Sixth, exercise is the Romania dead lift. Finally, the bend over fly is the last exercise. The next muscle group is traps these exercises are very important. First, exercise is the dumbbell shrug with one arm at a time. During this exercise your arm is in the front. Second, exercise is the dumbbell two hand shrug with your hands on your side. Both of these exercises will strengthen your grip.


Outdoor Fitness Chart 5


All of these exercises have helped me prepare for hunting and combating lives obstacles. I have designed these exercises to benefit me. Many people have their own opinions on how to work out and methods. I have found these exercises to work for me. I try to do little weight and controlled exercises this helps isolate the muscles and get the blood flow to the muscle group.


Also, another important key to being fit is eating right. Nutrition is a huge part of being able to be fit and lean. If you have any questions on what the exercises are you can Google them or YouTube them. There are many videos and training apps online to help you better prepare yourself to being fit. For hunters fitness is very important and it should not be taken lightly.


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