ObsessiveHuntingDisorder.com Helps Hunters Pattern Animals with their Trail Cameras and an Online Hunting Logbook


ObsessiveHuntingDisorder.com Helps Hunters Pattern Animals with their Trail Cameras and an Online Hunting Logbook


ObsessiveHuntingDisorder.com takes the pictures from trail cameras and turns them into valuable data. By chronicling the patterns of animals, Hunters will better understand where they should take aim when hunting season opens.


Hunting season hasn’t started yet, but a true hunter never stops learning. With all the data compiled during the hunting season, hunters now will be able to analyze and pattern the movements of animals in their favorite hunting spots. Duane Keenan, avid hunter and founder of ObsessiveHuntingDisorder.com, had this to say, “Hunting season is almost here and the patterning begins now. My trail cameras are in the woods and every picture gets entered into the web site. The more data that is in the database the more we can collectively learn.” Patterning Animals is not just limited to hunting seasons and preseason is the perfect time to start learning about your hunting area.


We also learned that peak hunting/feeding times happen 365 days a year and hunters can learn from the nine months that most hunting seasons are closed. “Peak hunting times”, also referred to as “peak feeding times”, are based on four periods of the day: when the moon is just starting to rise over the horizon, when the moon is directly overhead, when the moon is just setting below the horizon, and when the moon is directly underfoot, all in relation to an exact location.


ObsessiveHuntingDisorder.com - Huntin' Area(s) Page
ObsessiveHuntingDisorder.com – Huntin’ Area(s) Page

There is a lot to learn from trail camera pictures, so sit down, put those cameras on your hunting area page and start entering the animal activity. Just select what you saw, when you saw it and the website will get the weather, solar and lunar data for you.


Nothing gets a hunter more excited about hunting season then checking trail cameras and seeing deer in those pictures. So enter the times and dates and let ObsessiveHuntingDisorder.com do the rest.


Inclosing Duane Keenan had this to say, “We don’t predict the best times to hunt. We help hunters gather the raw data and let hunters decide what data they are most interested in, so that hunters can make their own decisions and predictions.”


Here is the raw data that Duane is referring to: six lunar variables (moonrise, moon set, moon transit, moon underfoot, moon phase, moon age), four solar variables (sunrise, sunset, sun transit, photo period), and six weather variables (current temperature, humidity, barometric pressure, forecast, wind, conditions).


ObsessiveHuntingDisorder.com allows a hunter to get that information in less than five seconds.


ObsessiveHuntingDisorder.com calculates the information for an exact location, and can even calculate for days in the past or in the future.


Go to www.obsessivehuntingdisorder.com now to get started! Get those trail camera pictures and get started.

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