Dark Chocolate Trail Mix
Dark Chocolate Trail Mix

There’s something so appealing about trail mix, and people of all ages enjoy this popular energy snack.


The trail mix concept has been around since 1910, when outdoorsman and travel writer Horace Kephart suggested in his well-known camping guide to carrying along a raisins-nuts-chocolate snack combo. Since that time, trail mix has morphed into a variety of yummy mixes, giving people-on-the-go carbo energy from dried fruits and oats, as well as healthy fats found in nuts. If you hike often, buy nuts and seeds in bulk (http://www.sincerelynuts.com/p/White-Quinoa), so they are available right when you want to mix up a big batch. Store your mixes in airtight containers or resalable bags for up to two weeks.


Explore these great recipes below:


Recipe: Dark Chocolate Trail Mix

Recipe: Simple Smores Trail Mix

Recipe: Sweet ‘n Savory Popcorn Trail Mix

Recipe: Gone Fishin’ Trail Mix


Trail mix is the perfect hiking snack and can be brought with you anywhere you go. Try a few of these recipes next time you head out!





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