Recipe: Gone Fishin’ Trail Mix


We love the salty and sweet taste of a healthy trail mix.

The awesome thing about trail mix for an outdoor snack is that it’s lightweight, very portable, and the ingredients of the trail mix are packed full of energy-rich ingredients that are healthy for you such as, dried fruit, nuts, and yogurt covered peanuts — making a perfect trailside treat while out hiking, camping, hunting or fishing.

Recipe: Gone Fishin’ Trail Mix

Make 4 Servings


4 c Chex cereal
2 c Pepperidge Farm Cheddar Cheese Goldfish Crackers
1/2 c Dried fruit bits
1/2 c Raisins
1/2 c Yogurt covered peanuts
1/2 c Reeces Pieces


  1. Place all ingredients into a large Ziploc bag and shake well to mix.
  2. Divide into 4 small even portions and place each individual portion in a small single-serving size Ziploc bag.
  3. Now Enjoy.

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