Get Creative This Holiday Season Cooking Wild Game


Not all holiday meals include a turkey or roast beef from your local grocery store. If you’re preparing your own wild turkey, venison or maybe some elks steaks this holiday season – or living on the extra wild side and trying goose, duck or other wild game instead – you’ll want to check out these recipes, favorites of the Iowa DNR staff.


Wild Game Basics
“We all know not to overcook it, but yet we still do,” says Jim Coffey with DNR Wildlife of wild game. He suggests using a cooking bag to help keep the bird from drying out. For a moister bird, brine it first and cook it breast-side-down. If you’re thinking of putting duck or goose on the table, consider serving it in thin slices with a good sauce, Coffey says, or try it as an appetizer with crackers and cheese.


Checkout these Tasty Wild Game Recipes

Smoked Duck with Orange Sauce

Wild Goose with Apples

Chesapeake Bay Barbecued Canada Goose

Wild Pheasant or Wild Turkey A la King

Smoked Duck with Orange Sauce



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