There Are 3 Significant Things To Think About When Picking Whitetail Deer Hunting Outfitters In Kansas

by: Jess Hancock


There are loads of points to take into account when determining which whitetail deer hunting outfitters to use. Seeing as how selecting the most appropriate whitetail deer hunting outfitters can be an investment, I want to provide my knowledge and experience as a guide from Kansas to help you prevent problems. I have seen the scary stories from many customers who didn’t do their research and spent substantial amounts of cash to end up in overloaded camps, with below prize game potential.


The main factor when choosing good whitetail deer hunting outfitters is always to examine the outfitter’s personal references. If they’re respectable whitetail deer hunting outfitters, they’ll jump at the chance to supply you with the names and numbers of recent clients. Don’t simply inspect a few, go ahead and call up plenty of of them as you’re able to help you get many thoughts about the experience. Once again, when selecting whitetail deer hunting outfitters, make sure you look at personal references before investing in something.


The number two factor to weigh when selecting your whitetail deer hunting outfitters is how many hunters are usually in camp at the same time and how is the hunting landscape divided between those guests. This important information is a must to take into account when picking your whitetail deer hunting outfitter. You know you’re walking into disaster if the whitetail deer hunting outfitters let you know that there are only 1200 acres of land to hunt on and you will be sharing it with 7 different hunters. When picking your whitetail deer hunting outfitters some of the things that sound obvious end up being over looked.


Lastly when contemplating whitetail deer hunting outfitters make sure to find out how much of the acreage the outfitters are boasting they possess or have leased is actually used in their hunting business. I’ve had many customers show up in camp and tell tales of previous hunts with guides featuring five thousand acre operations, only to discover that 1500 of these five thousand acres is all that was truly accessible to the hunters. This may not be the only thing that you should ask your whitetail deer hunting outfitters, but it certainly should be one of the first things.


In summary, you are making an investment of your time and money and for some this could be a once in a lifetime hunt. Just like any investment decision, do your homework, your research, contact the whitetail deer hunting outfitter’s references, ask both the references and the outfitters the questions you would like clarified. Make sure to verify how many other hunters will be in your camp, how much ground the camp is and how much of that ground can be used for the hunting operations. Be smart; rely on your gut from your discussions with your outfitter. Enjoy the experience of a life time.

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