Feral Hog Hunting
Feral Hog Hunting

Longtime Bowhunter Shares Feral Hog Expertise

by Tom Kidwell


Feral hogs, which cause billions of dollars in damage to farmland and property every year, take center stage in this new book released by Dog Ear Publishing. A bowhunter shares personal stories and photos of successful hunts, as well as tips for others interested in the sport.


Bowhunters are a special breed, requiring hunters to get up close and personal with their prey. The author of this new book, who took his first bowhunting trip for wild hogs almost 25 years ago on a Texas ranch, admits in the introduction that he’s become “hopelessly addicted to hunting these crafter critters” known as feral hogs. He freely shares his hunting expertise and little-known facts about feral hogs, also known as pigs and wild boars, which were introduced 100 years before the English landed in Plymouth, Mass.


Feral Hog Hunting
Feral Hog Hunting

The American Feral Hog: History of the Species and Bowhunting Tactics” offers in-depth look at feral hogs, from their biology, history and how best to hunt them. Feral hogs cause almost $1 billion in damages to crops and property each year in the United States alone. In fact, a single hog can cause more than $200 annually. Chapters cover topics like how feral hogs first got to the United States, their habitat, safety issues (feral hogs sometimes attack people) and how to catch them: bowhunting techniques, trapping and finding a place to hunt.


With their sharp upper and lower tusks and 44 teeth, these intelligent animals can be vicious fighters, and their unique anatomy – including rock-hard skulls – presents interesting challenges. Savvy hunters can use their few weaknesses against the wild pigs, such as their voracious appetite that ties them to a regular food source. Personal anecdotes and photographs add authenticity to this remarkable book. Tips on preparing the meat after a successful hunt, recipes and an appendix with guides and outfitters round out this unique resource for bowhunters interested in taking on a new challenge.

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A bowhunter since his boyhood days in the woods of Virginia, author Tom Kidwell now lives in southwestern Oklahoma, where he works as a cowhand on a ranch, patrolling on horseback and watching the ranch’s population of feral pigs. He is a member of Comanche Masonic Lodge 41. He is semi-retired there after working in the corporate world. Kidwell previously wrote “Just Another Old Bowhunter” and “Another Old Bowhunter: A Collection of ‘Old Bowhunter’ Memories.”
For additional information, please visit www.tomkidwell.com.


The American Feral Hog: History of the Species and Bowhunting Tactics
Tom Kidwell
Dog Ear Publishing
ISBN: 978-1-4575-1405-0            236 pages                 $19.95 US


Available at Ingram, Amazon.com, Barnes & Noble and fine bookstores everywhere.

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