Tiptop Bipods Offer Hunters & Long Range Shooters Accuracy

Tip Top Bipod
Shown: Tip Top Bipod

Tiptop Bipods Overview

Bipod is knowns as a support & stabilized tool for the hunters, long range precision shooters for stability and accuracy. The history of bipod can go back to 1938. They were built for bench rest. Later, they added adjustment function for either Prone or sitting position depending on the high of the bipods. Since then, there were few changes in the best rifle bipods until recent years. The “Tip Top Bipod” from Peleton Technology have integrated the latest ingredients in technology into the traditional hunting products. Apart be highly stable from all its designed shooting positions, many new design features are added to the products. The TipTop bipods are designed for two different types of mounting onto the rifle.

Sling Stud Mount Rifle Bipods:

This type of Tiptop bipods has the patented features for EZ Quick sling stud mounting. If your rifle has a sling stud, the bipod can mount to it as long as the size of the sling stud is less or equal to 8mm or 5/16.” Depending on how you want to use it, the bipod come with many features for choices:

Series-3: EZ attach, fixed head, Telescope-legs, various lengths bipods from < 1 lbs. to 1.2 lbs.
Series-3N: EZ attach, fixed head, Notched-legs, various lengths bipods from

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Series-5: EZ attach, Pivot, Telescope-legs, various length bipods, 1.2 lbs. to 1.5 lbs.

Series-7: EZ attach, Pivot & Pan, Telescope-legs; various lengths rifle bipod, < 2 lbs.
Series-7N: EZ attach, Pivot & Pan, Notched-legs; various lengths rifle bipod, < 2 lbs.

Picatinny Mount Rifle Bipod:

This type of Tiptop rifle bipod is designed for mounting to the Mil STDJ1913 Picatinny rail. Our patent-pending Quicklok TM is the one of kind solid quick mount in the market. If your rife has a

Picatinny rail, “Press, then lock,” that is all you need. Quick detach (QD) is also a simple step of “Press then unlock.” No adapter or other tools are needed to.

Series-9: Quicklok TM, Pivot & Pan, Telescope-legs, various lengths rifle bipod, < 2 lbs.
Series-9N: Quicklok TM, Pivot & Pan, Notched-legs, various lengths rifle bipod, < 2 lbs.


About Tiptop Bipods


All Tiptop bipods are constructed with durable lightweight aircraft-grade alloy and metal materials. It has all-weather no-rust black anodized finish. All the features are integrated into one piece of the bipod. No additional accessory is needed for mounting the bipod to your hunting rifle. It has been named for the best rifle bipods in years of 2014, 2015 & 2016. Producing high end products for general users is our goal. We have accomplished it by keeping our core elements in our TipTop products. These are: attention to details, high-quality craftsmanship, continue improvement, competitive pricing.

Tiptop Bipod website: Tiptop bipods website

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