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If you’re a hunter looking to rent land to hunt on I am sure you have found out that finding that perfect plot of hunting land can be a trying and frustrating experience.

You find the perfect land only to learn that the landowner’s terms will not fit your needs.

With the HappyHunts app, this problem is solved – No More Wasted Time or Energy. The

Book Hunting Trips with HappyHunts App
Book Hunting Trips with HappyHunts App is easy!

HappyHunts app has a field-tested user friendly platform that aids you in finding and renting hunting land or book helps in the booking process of numerous outdoor services. No matter what kind of outdoor adventure you’re seeking – you’ll be able to find them all in one convenient place.


Some of the HappyHunts app Features Include:

  • Secure portal run by HappyHunts makes listing your property and booking rentals unimaginably safe and easy!
  • Easy to navigate the online marketplace allows confidence in building trips.
  • Diverse nature of land offered allows many different styles of hunting trips.


HappyHunts is not just for the hunter and outdoor enthusiast; it also caters to the landowner and outdoor service providers.

Landowners will be delighted to know that HappyHunts provides a safe and secure place to list all their hunting and recreational property for rent or lease. Another added benefit of landowner use of the HappyHunts app is that when listing property, you can be assured that you’re offering it to millions of men and women who are dedicated to the outdoors.

Here are a few reasons why the HappyHunts app is the right choice for land owners:

  • HappyHunts Booking App
    HappyHunts App offers a variety of Hunts all searchable

    Established profit generation by renting land to like-minded sportsmen and outdoor enthusiasts.

  • Happy Hunts’ system allows you to market your property but maintain your personal privacy.
  • Happy Hunts’ people appreciate the outdoors; our community


The benefit of HappyHunts is not only limited to – landowners, hunters or adventure seekers. Any business that offers any outdoors-related  services should be a part of the HappyHunts app network.


Outdoor Guide services of all kinds can benefit from being a part of the trusted HappyHunts app marketplace.


A few of the many advantages that HappyHunts offers to Outdoor service providers include:

  •   Increased brand visibility to hunters and land owners
  •  Links to drive traffic and deliver conversions from bookings and listings.

    Get all the details and pricing of hunting trips with ease using HappyHunts App
    Get all the details and pricing of hunting trips with ease using HappyHunts App

  • A partner with shared business values
  • Increased traffic from hunters and land owners looking for services
  • Broadening your customer base
  • Offer products to an audience of hunters and land owners simultaneously
  •   Gain increased traffic through direct linking from Happy Hunts.
  •    Increase product visibility

Are you downloading the app right now?


I know what you are thinking, “This is just some big company run by people who have never stepped foot in the woods”

Nope Wrong! HappyHunts app was created by hunters out of a need for a better way to book hunts. Here is what the developer had to say about how HappyHunts was born.

“I started HappyHunts because when trying to organize a hunting trip with a few fellow hunters we all were very frustrated at how difficult it was to find land to hunt on along with land owners who had terms that were agreeable. We believed there had to be a better, easier, and more efficient way to find and book hunting land.”


HappyHunts has a very straight-forward  Mission – It’s to promote outdoor sporting traditions by making private land accessible to all.

Something else, we find very unique about the HappyHunts app developer is the “Core Values” they list on their website.

Here is a list of the values that make-up HappyHunts

Value 1: Safety

Safety of those in the HappyHunts community is our number-one  priority. We uphold this value throughout every aspect of our service:

  • Landowners, service providers and renters can safely and easily register through our secure web portal.
  • Landowners and renters have the ability to vet each other before any transaction is completed, ensuring that information is factual and meets other required standards.
  •  You can get to know your renter or landowner/service provider through detailed profiles and confirmed reviews.
  • All financial transactions are handled via PayPal’s secure platform. HappyHunts does not store any of your financial data.


Value 2: Conservation

  • We believe in conservation, a value shared by fellow hunters and outdoor enthusiasts.
  • Because of this, we promote ethical hunting and emphasize the importance of taking care of our outdoor spaces so the great tradition of hunting and exploring the great outdoors can live on.


Value 3: Rural Empowerment

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  • We support rural empowerment, working to connect landowners and service providers with outdoor enthusiasts through the HappyHunts online marketplace. This offers additional opportunities for landowners and providers to earn money and continue their own pursuits in the great outdoors.


Value 4: Right to Carry

HappyHunts is a proud supporter of the Second Amendment.

Yes, it’s the most important value for any hunting and outdoor related business to have. The Right to Keep and Bear Arms.

HappyHunts is the only mobile application in the Google Play Store and Apple iTunes store that allows hunters and outdoor enthusiasts to book hunting packages and land – right from the palm of their hands!

So, what are you waiting for? Grab your favorite device and download the HappyHunts app right now.


We’ve Found Several Offers - We Think You'd Like to Check Out Below.
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