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There is no debating that Mother Nature is the Queen of Camo. Hunting apparel manufacturers and hunters alike have been trying to replicate her natural concealing perfections for years.

Several camouflage hunting clothes brands have come close to besting Mother Nature at her own game; by creating ultra-realistic hunting camo.

One such brand is Treezyn. The Treezyn – Gen 2 Late Seezyn Camo Pattern has truly taken the lead in the camo hunting pattern arena. Gen 2 Late Seezyn Camo by Treezyn does a phenomenal job of mimicking and blending into the hunting woods around you.

Choosing a Camo Pattern

Young Successful Deer Hunters Wearing Treezyn Late Seezyn Camo | Hunting-Magazine
Young Successful Deer Hunters Wearing Treezyn Late Seezyn Camo | Hunting-Magazine

I can’t stress enough that your hunting camo is a large portion of your hunting season success. Proper camo pattern selection is hugely important. When choosing your hunting camo pattern, you should try to closely match the pattern to the type of terrain your planning to hunt. For example – If you’re planning to hunt an open grassland area, there’d essentially be no reason for you to choose a deep woods forest camo pattern. So, pattern selection is very important. Scientists have proven that for the most part, Big Game animals have limited if any ability to see colors. But they can see contrast shapes and outlines very well. So, a camo pattern engineered to blend in with its surroundings is extremely important to the hunter.

Deer Hunter John Ingram wearing Treezyn Late Seezyn Camo with a Nice White-tail Buck | Hunting-Magazine
Deer Hunter John Ingram wearing Treezyn Late Seezyn Camo with a Nice White-tail Buck | Hunting-Magazine

Most hunters will spend a great deal of their hunting time in some wooded type of terrain. So, an intensely designed backwoods camo pattern such as Treezyn Late Seezyn Camo is best suited for this type of hunting terrain. The Late Seezyn Camo Pattern by Treezyn is one of your best-hunting camo choices. Whether your bow hunting whitetail or fall turkey hunting. Treezyn’s Late Seezyn camo can greatly tip the scales in your favor. Treezyn camo skillfully brings together a natural and realistic patterning of tree bark, brown and green forest hues, to successfully create a camo pattern that truly vanishes the hunter in the deer woods.


How to Test Your Camo’s Effectiveness

Do you want to know how effective your hunting camo is? Yes, of course, you do. So, test it! They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Performing a picture test is one good way to see just how well your camo really blends in.

To Perform the Picture Test

  1. Wear your camo hunting clothing in an area or terrain that best matches the conditions you plan to hunt in
  2. Have a hunting buddy get a distance away from you and snap a few phone pictures of you wearing the camo from various angles. Side Note – You could even opt for recording video. The video will give you a good idea of your camo’s effectiveness. There are even phone apps that mimic the way deer see.
  3. When reviewing the photos, if you can’t see yourself, or your silhouette is greatly broken, or distorted – your camo is truly doing its job! The idea is for the camo to break-up your outline and pattern, thus blending you into your hunting environment naturally.

Parting Thoughts

Many hunters prefer Treezyn’s Gen 2 Late Seezyn camo for fall deer and turkey hunting. Because the Late Seezyn camouflage pattern is a multipurpose pattern that quickly adapts and blends into essentially any hunting woods. Treezyn has manufactured camo hunting clothing in a variety of styles ranging from camo hoodies, camo jackets, and camo hunting pants. All the Treezyn Late Seezyn Camouflage patterns are meant to effortlessly blend in seamlessly to a wide range of hunting conditions and hunting terrains. Making Treezyn Camo one of the best hunting camo patterns on the market today.

Treezyn Gen 2 Hunting Apparel Gallery (Click on Images to View Larger version.)

It must be noted that there are many well-made, and very popular camo hunting brands on the market today. However, not even the best hunting camo will help you bag a trophy – if you’re not properly following the hunting basics. Such as, making good use of hunting cover-up scents, keeping activity and disruptions to your hunting area to a minimum, and of course getting to know and patterning the deer in your hunting woods.

We hope that you take our hunting tips and apply them to your next deer hunting season. Happy Hunting.

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