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Most explorers, hikers, hunters, and everyone who love the wild should carry a survival kit with them. This will help them eat, sleep, and ward off dangerous animals whether they are in the middle of a jungle or hiking on a mountain.

If you are one of the people who is an outdoor enthusiast, you should carry essentials that will suit you. You might not want to choose a pre-assembled kit because you won’t need every single item on the kit. You should also choose the things that you should carry in the wilderness. It never helps to have a heavy backpack when you won’t use everything inside it.
Here are some essential gear and equipment that you need with you.

Gears and Equipment for the Wilderness

1 A good quality folding pocket knife is a great Survival Gear for hunting | Hunting Magazine

Pocket Knife

Knives are essential in any situation whether you are going to fish, camp, hunt, or hike. They should be sharp enough to cut through the skin of a deer that you’ve hunted or the branches of the trees that you can use for shelter. A multi-purpose knife that can help you sharpen sticks for fire or sharp enough to cut thick surfaces and materials will make your life easier in the wild. You can cut through fruits or you can also use the tool to defend yourself. Know more about the best knives for survival in sites such as Survival Gear Reviews And Guide. You can get in-depth information about the things that you should be looking for when it comes to high-quality knives. Look for foldable ones that are safe to store in your pockets.

2 Learning how-to building a Fire in the Wilderness is one of the most important things while hunting | Hunting Magazine

Fire Starter Kits

One of the most important things that you can do is to start a fire. You can cook your food, keep your body warm, light your surroundings, and discourage wild animals from coming near you. You should know how to start proper fires and keep them from going out. When it comes to starting a fire, you should at least bring with you a match, striker, and a lighter. Store them all on waterproof containers. A fire starter will be one of the most critical items that you can bring with you on your survival journey. If you have a magnifying glass, you can use it to start a fire during the day. However, more campers and hikers prefer the convenience of magnesium Firestarter and matches on their trips.

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6 When hunting or hiking into the wilderness dress up and be prepared for the worst | Hunting Magazine

Wear the Right Clothes

Even if you are tempted to wear shorts and sleeveless tops because it is a sunny day, you need to resist because you can never tell what will happen. A hot sunny day excursion can turn into a rainy day at any moment. You need to dress up and be prepared for the worst.
Wear clothes that are long sleeves and pants. There are times that you will take excursions on humid weather. The more humidity there is, the more you will sweat even if you are just doing basic movements. Clothes made of synthetic materials and wool are recommended. If possible, avoid wearing clothes made of cotton. This is not ideal for proper insulation. Cotton won’t dry easily especially if you are in an area where rain is common, and they will feel heavy on your body.

7 Ropes that are essential on your hiking and hunting trips into the back-country | Hunting Magazine

Cords or Ropes

Cordage is the term used for ropes that are essential on your hiking trips. Read more about hiking here: You can use it to climb steep mountains, and it can function as a fishing line. You can use a nylon string or a metal wire that can easily fit in your pockets. You can tie the ends of the cords to trees and you can hang your game on it to dry. Cordage has many uses including tying firewood, cloth line and bind objects. You can also use the cords to help you establish a shelter made of wood during a storm. Choose high-quality but easy to carry cords when going on trips. They should not be heavy, and they should be durable. When going inside a hiker’s shop, you can look for multi-purpose paracords that have lots of uses.

8 Drinking Water is Important to Survival while hunting | Hunting Magazine

Water and Water Filters

Water can mean the difference between life and death. If you can manage it, carry your drinking water with you. However, if you are in a survival situation, expect that your water will run out in just a few days. When you are in a forest, you can look for streams and rivers so that you can remain hydrated. The problem with river water is that it is not safe. You can be extremely sick if you drink in the wild. Although there are cleaner water sources that flow from the top of the mountains, they are very rare, and they take time when you still have to search for them. What you can do is to bring a proper filtration system with you. Some shops offer a survival water filter that comes in handy for hikers and excursionists. You and your group of friends will always drink clean water when you have a filter available.

9 A Good Quality Light Torch or Outdoor Flashlight is Critical in the Woods | Hunting Magazine

Torch or Flashlight

Most people won’t be able to survive when they are completely blanketed in darkness at night. They can be in danger from animals of prey and they can stumble when they can’t see where they are going. Most people do not know that they are walking on the edge of a cliff which is a very dangerous situation to be in. If you are planning a trip, make sure that you will always see your way and your surroundings at night with the help of reliable flashlights or torches. These illuminating tools should be lightweight and they should have long-lasting battery life. Choose flashlights that are exclusively made for hikers so that you won’t have to grope your way into the dark. Hiking, exploring, fishing, and any other activities should always be safe and fun. Make sure that you get the basics before going on a trip because you will never know what will happen. It always pays to be prepared.

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