My journey began a few years back when I arrowed my first pronghorn in Montana.

A heart shot as he was quartering towards me at 28 yards over a watering hole. It was love at first site. What a beautiful animal & the meat is still one of my favorites to this day. I knew I had to hunt them again.

It was now in my blood, a primal urge.

The opportunity presented itself this August. However, I was in search of a monster, a trophy, had to be a record book antelope buck.

I did my research & booked with Wyoming’s Finest Outfitters. The owner is Kris Powers and my guide was Kelsy Gonzales. For those of you who have never hunted antelope. It is one of the most grueling, demanding, difficult hunts I’ve ever experienced. You typically sit in a blind, put in 12 hour days, in INTENSE heat over a watering hole hoping to get the chance at a speedgoat. Their eyesight is impeccable, therefore, movement of any kind is not an option. Furthermore, they run up to 60 mph. Being able to stealthy enough to draw back on such a fast animal with THE best eyes in a matter of seconds is not something you can ever fully prepare for. You just have to be READY. I put in 12 hours for 3 days in intense heat and going stir crazy. We saw several pronghorns, but none that I was willing to take. Yes, I was trophy hunting.

Watching the herds fly by me at breakneck speed was nothing short of exhilarating. On the third day, the last 2 hours of the hunt, I decided I needed to make a move as

I was filming for Hartcraft Hunting Adventures and needed a kill shot. My husband, Clay Hair, is my best friend and camera man.

We texted our guide, Kelsy Gonzales with Wyoming’s Finest Outfitters and told him we wanted to put a stalk on a BIG buck. Kelsy is an ex marine sniper. STEALTH is HIS specialty. Boy did I luck out there! We decided to use a Montana Cow Decoy to stalk up on a speedgoat. Our first attempt was unsuccessful and the antelope speed off at 60 mph. No way to catch that one.

Therefore, we spotted another with a group of cows. Perfection. Now the only issue was could we pull this off. We had my guide who was 6’0, myself with a bow in hand, arrow nocked with the Hartcraft Trophy 1 ready & my husband who is also 6’5 all behind ONE decoy. This was going to be a really tough stalk. We began the stalk at about 200 yards. We snuck up over a mountain with the decoy. The wind was intense but in our favor. We had a slight rain, which was perfect to cover our scent. Last 2 hours, last day of hunt. It was go time, now or never. Stalking a speedgoat is nearly impossible. Add three folks behind a decoy really takes it to a whole other level of difficulty. However, I am a hardcore huntress & I knew I could get it done.

The stalk began….. 200 yards. We would walk about 3-5 slow steps, then stop, all crouching behind this decoy. Again, step by step, slowly, carefully & stealthily, all moving together, we became one. It was a team effort. I couldn’t have done it without these two fine men. We were able to approach the antelope @ 38 yards & that was going to be as close as we could get. I never even saw the antelope at this point as I was crouched behind the decoy. My cameraman, said get ready, pointed to where he was, & said when you stand up be at FULL DRAW & SHOOT.

It was my moment to shine. I spent months preparing for this very moment. Exhausted – Mentally, Physically & Emotionally…… But my adrenaline was pumping, my heart was pounding, my hands were sweating, my body was shaking…. As I slowly stood up, in full draw, with intensity like I’ve never felt before I watched my arrow with my Trophy 1 broadhead sink into my prey. YES, I DID IT!!!! WOO HOO! This was the farthest shot I’ve ever made. He ran about 150 yards and expired. WOW! What an accomplishment. I felt like this was the most challenging of any hunt I’ve ever been on & I DID IT! Upon recovering my antelope, I discovered he was a Pope & Young, record book, world class pronghorn & this lady stalked him!!!!! He measured 72 inches and was 4 1/2 years old.

I want to thank Wyoming’s Finest Outfitter’s, Kris Powers, Kelsy Gonzales, Terry Hartcraft & most importantly my husband. This was the experience of a lifetime. I cannot wait to go back! I highly suggest this outfitter for all hunters. The lodge was beautiful. The meals were incredible. The game was in abundance & the chance at a trophy of a lifetime is very likely. They have the game & Wyoming is beautiful! The guides are the best, most experienced I’ve ever dealt with & the owner runs a first class operation. This goes down as one of my favorite hunts of all time.

Peace, Love, & Antelope,

Huntress Kristi Lynn Hair


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