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Just as the warm, colorful autumn slowly leaves its place in the coming winter and the days are gradually shortening, so we, the members of the Slovak Retriever Sports Club, have changed the test time to the time of relaxation.

We successfully managed the 5th DERBY WINNER OF THE FOREST 2019 “The Mayor’s Cup of Nové Zámky”, which includes the Dyeing and Retriever Forest Tests, the Autumn Retriever Tests in September and the Hound Dye Tests in October. It’s s time to reward our dogs and give them the pleasure of working on hunting.

Based on the personal invitation, our club members organized partridge hunting in Hungary, in which we had the opportunity to demonstrate our well-trained dogs. Hunting for partridges is nowadays rare yet and for passionate hunters are these animals an interesting specialty for their typical fast and low flight. The hunt was also interesting for us – cynologists, because we had to keep high-discipline the dogs during shooting and tracing caught pieces.

So we spent November’s sun rays in the presence of friends in the village Lepsény, where very nice people live, what we could see on Friday night.

Arrival to the place of private accommodation was scheduled the day before and the common stay of hunters and cynologists was started with a tasty dinner from the housewife.

The next morning we started with a hearty breakfast and after writing all the participants in the local hunting book, we moved to the place of hunting. The local hunter informed us that hunting will be in the style of English hunting, he taught us about safety rules and we started hunting around nine in the morning. We were in one long line, dog handlers with their four-legged pets among the shooters and we slowly proceed through the terrain.

The partridges were exhibited by two local pointers, who warned shooters, where the hidden animal is. Their discipline and poses during exhibiting evoked in us speechless amazement. The caught partridges were traced and then brought by our retrievers. After the first two rounds was a break for refreshments and short rest. Two more rounds followed, in which the hunting terrain was searched again, while other pieces of flying partridges were caught. This was followed by the final act of honoring the hunted animals.

In a cheerful spirit and with the satisfaction of successful hunting, we went back to the place of accommodation for the “last round”, common dinner. During fun we had no idea the hardest discipline is still waiting for us – tracing for a lost dog. This action showed the strength of our friendship and team. Pleasant fun and memories of the hunting was enhanced by photographs from the famous hunting photographer Adam Simandel. His photos are known worldwide and he participated in various hunting expeditions (the last time was hunting ibex in Kyrgyzstan).
Thanks to everyone who has made these days unforgettable.

Adam Simandel
Antonia Sondorová
Helena Saganová

Where: Lepsény (Hungary)
When: 9.11.2019
Photos by: Adam Simandel,

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