Photo Story: Duck Hunting with the “Greenhorns”
Adam Simandel instagram : @fotostory_as

The duck hunt season is here again! It’s been already a long time we did our last hunt (for the roe bucks), so we were anxious to go for another hunt with the “greenhorns” from our recent hunting courses. And finally, it is here – Three duck hunt events in this season! For the first time this year, we did not have to travel a long distance as the hunting range was located really close to Vienna. And…

And the hunts were excellent again! Two or three hunting courses, nice weather (with exception of the third hunt when we experienced a strong ice-cold wind – but there is no cold weather for any hunter ?), and really a lot of ducks… And good meal after the hunt, guided tour in a local wine cellar incl. degustation of local South Moravian wine arts, very nice personnel in the hotel we were accommodated in.

Photo Story: Duck Hunting with the “Greenhorns” Photo Gallery


What could we wish more?

The “greenhorns” had an opportunity to hunt their first duck, received practical tips&tricks, some of them tried how to pluck and to embowel a duck. And a lot of more. It is a pity the time flies by so quickly. This duck season is behind us and we can look forward for the next season with our “greenhorns”.

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