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Samurai swords have been around for ages, but now stores around the world have worked hard and found a design that does not need you to be a samurai warrior!

Swords can be also bought as a keepsake, if you are a sword aficionado, or they could be an amazing weapon of choice.

All you need to do is find a store that offers swords for sale in UK. The store should be reputable and reliable. When you have both, then you will find a sword that will win you all fights. Even if you are not going into a battle, a beautiful sword can win you accolades and appreciation for your taste.

How can you maintain your Sword?

Whether you use the sword or not, a sword that is not maintained will lose its sharp edge fast! It does not matter if you procured the sword from a reputed dealer or seller, the sword will eventually lose its sharpness and beautiful look. So, what can you do to make sure that your sword stays beautiful? The stores that offer the swords in UK have experts, who are ready to help you. Here is maintenance advice from those experts:

1. High Carbon Steel Swords: These swords need maintenance. Moisture and humidity can cause serious damage to the sword’s blade. Here is how you can always keep the blade beautiful and sharp:

  • Each time you handle the sword, wipe the blade with a soft cloth. Moisture from your fingertips can also cause harm.
  • Wash the blade, clean with a dry and soft cloth, after which you should oil the blade. Continue doing this on a regular basis and whenever the sword has been used or touched.
  • Use oils like mineral oil to keep the blade oiled and waxed. Never use vegetable oil for the waxing or oiling the blade.

2. Stainless Steel Swords: A stainless steel blade needs minimal maintenance. The blade does not rust easily and is resistant to corrosion as well. Just keep the sword away from water as well as your fingerprints and you are good. Even if, you do get either on it, always wipe it clean. The acid from the fingerprint, if not cleaned immediately can leave a permanent mark.

3. Damascus steel Swords: These blades are forged using a special technique. The method involves numerous metals and the resultant blade has a unique and beautiful look. They might be sharper than the rest, but the fact remains that the swords are not invincible. It will need maintenance! All you need to do is follow the maintenance steps used for stainless steel sword blade.

What do you do if the blade has already caught rust?

If, help (our advice) reached you too late and the sword already started showing signs of becoming rusted, you will need to take the sword in for professional cleaning. Here are two methods that can be applied for restoring the sword to its former glory:

  • Chemical Cleaning
  • Abrasion Cleaning

Whatever the need, just look for help at the reputed stores that deal in knives! They not only have the widest collection of swords, but also the best knives in UK.  They will always come forward to help you with your knife and swords. After all, your knives and swords do deserve all the respect!

When you have such an extraordinary team of experts ready to help you, why worry? They have your back, rather the blade of your knife and sword. Just give them a call. The team of experts at the store knows what is needed for your sword and knife. If, you are new to collecting and purchasing swords, then the same experts can help you find your first sword.

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