Crossbows have evolved significantly over the years. Most of the basic crossbows are sufficient for hunters to start their hunting expeditions.

However, there are a few accessories which will add value to the crossbow and make it much more effective. The accessories will considerably improve the performance and the results of the crossbow during hunting. These accessories also help in keeping the crossbow in a good working condition. The article provides details of few must-have accessories for crossbows which every hunter should consider buying.

Tips for Buying

Some of the must-have accessories for enhancing the performance of the crossbow and improving the hunting results are as follows:

Crossbow Cocking Aid

The crossbow cocking aid is a portable accessory and fits into the pocket easily. It helps reduce the draw weight of the crossbow by half. This eliminates any fumbling with the ropes when the hunter is in treestand position and the difficulties of getting ready for the rare second follow up shots. Generally, these cocking aids are made of strong and resistant fibers which are stronger than steel and last a long time.

Arrow Puller

Arrow pullers are needed when shooting broadheads to a conventional broadhead target. The crossbow arrows are shot at high speeds and penetrate deep into the broadhead targets. The arrow puller provides the necessary grip and comfort to safely pull out the arrows. The arrow pullers come with different interchangeable rubber grippers to provide a firm grip on the arrow shaft of multiple sizes.

Short Bi-Pod

The bipod allows for setting the crossbow on a stable base. The trigger stick allows changing the height of the mount with one hand operation. The bipods can be used either in standing or kneeling position by the shooter.

Crossbow Case

Crossbows and its accessories are expensive to buy and maintain. Users should look to preserve the crossbows to make them last longer. Purchasing a durable and lightweight crossbow case will go a long way in protecting the crossbow. It comes with extra compartments to store the accessories also. The case is made up of durable material and provides adequate protection to the hunting equipment and accessories.

Lighted Nocks

The lighted nocks are a welcome addition to the crossbows accessories. The crossbow arrows travel at a very fast speed and are generally not visible to the human eye in a hunting scenario. The arrows penetrate deep into the target and are difficult to retrieve. The lighted nocks provide a better visual reading on the shot and also help to locate the arrow.

Noise Dampening Kits

The modern crossbows are usually silent; however, the noise dampening kits can be used to further suppress the noise and vibration. Reducing the noise and vibration adds to the stealth element of the crossbow and provides markedly better hunting results.

Precision Scope

The crossbow precision scopes drastically improve the hunting results. It can turn the simple crossbow into one-shot hunting equipment by improving the accuracy of the shot. The scope though won’t extend the range but it allows adjusting the arc and improving the shooting quality. The scope magnifies shooting range and the field of view and gives much better results than shooting without a scope.


The crossbow has a limited range and hence should be used within close quarters to be effective. The naked human eye can not ascertain the distance with certainty. Shooting over a distance of 30 yards require a rangefinder. The rangefinder can provide the accurate distance readings and help enhance the effectiveness of the crossbow.

Unloading Bolts

The crossbow unloading bolt (CUB) is a valuable crossbow accessory. This two-piece biodegradable arrow allows the users to discharge their crossbows safely and in a cost-effective manner. Shooting the bow regularly helps to keep it in good working condition and keeps the effectiveness of the crossbow intact.

Crossbow Target

The crossbow should be used regularly to ensure it is in good condition and working properly. Crossbow targets prove useful for shooting from the crossbow routinely for checking the working condition of the crossbow and during its maintenance. The target is lightweight and portable and is designed to stop the arrows traveling at 400 FPS easily. The targets usually come with self-healing foam which makes it durable. It also comes with a rope handle for conveniently carrying it around.

Optimizer Speed Dialer

The optimizer speed dialer works well with the scope mounts on the crossbows. It aids the shooter to take better aim and find the target with accuracy.


The crossbow accessories are a welcome addition to the hunting gear. Though it may not enhance the quality of the hunter, it greatly increases the crossbow using experience and the results from using the crossbow. Most of these accessories are easy to install and use. These accessories will increase the user experience of the crossbow many folds and let the hunter enjoy the hunting expeditions like never before.


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