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HECS Stealthscreen Expands Apparel Line with Caps and Gloves

HECS announces new HECS Stealthscreen Caps and Gloves


HECS, a world leader in concealment technology announced it had added caps and gloves to its Stealthscreen line of concealment garments.


Made from the same material as the revolutionary HECS Stealthscreen Hunting Suit, HECS gloves and caps will help wearers get even closer to wildlife.

HECS Stealthscreen Caps
HECS Stealthscreen Caps


These accessories, designed to be worn with the full HECS hunting suits, act to cloak virtually the entire electrical signal emitted by humans, which can alert animals to their presence.


HECS has been awarded multiple US patents for blocking the human electric signal and giving people increased ability to hunt and observe wildlife. The technology has proven benefits for hunters, bowhunters, wildlife photographers and researchers.


“HECS has an increasingly loyal following with top hunters,” says Mike Slinkard President of HECS LLC.


“The HECS Stealthscreen suit has taken concealment to a new level. When worn with the HECS suit, our HECS cap and gloves will offer additional coverage of the human body, allowing people to get even closer to game animals.”


HECS material is made of conductive carbon fibers uniquely woven to reduce the electric signal of the human body, while delivering the highest standards of comfort and performance.


HECS Stealthscreen Gloves
HECS Stealthscreen Gloves

The HECS gloves are lightweight and comfortable, with a stretch fit for great touch and feel and may be worn alone or as a liner for heavier gloves in cold climates.


The HECS cap is also in the lightweight HECS material and is adjustable to fit most sizes.


HECS caps and gloves are now available at your HECS dealer or online at, or in the Southern Hemisphere.




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