Goat Tuff Products
Goat Tuff Products

Goat Tuff Products is well known for its superlative Cyanoacrylate archery glues, shaft cleaners, Opti-Vanes, GT CLAW Bow Carrier and

GT Arrow Fletcher - from Goat Tuff Products
GT Arrow Fletcher – from Goat Tuff Products

revolutionary Equalizer Release Aid and now they are bringing it all together with the introduction of their new GT Arrow Fletcher.

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The GT Arrow Fletcher is a compact, easy to use fletching tool designed with ‘True Contact Design’™ (TCD). This unique design concept

ensures the shaft and vane mate together completely, consistently and accurately every time for a maximum bond regardless of the helical used or the shaft size. The GT Arrow Fletcher is designed to work with most glues, vanes and arrow shafts however, for optimal performance, the fast drying Cyanoacrylate glues such as those offered by Goat Tuff Products are recommended. Cyanoacrylate glues are engineered to react quickly when the glue line is thin allowing for a faster set and stronger bond with less mess.


Goat Tuff President Jerry Smith added, “The main advantages of the GT Arrow Fletcher is it is so easy to use, allows the user to fletch arrows faster and due to TCD™, obtain a precise vane to shaft bond every time regardless of the helical configuration of the vane or diameter of the shaft.”


The GT Arrow Fletcher comes with everything needed in a small, portable unit for ½ degree, 1 degree, 2 degree, and 3 degree vanes.


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