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Hunting TipsCommon Mistakes Beginning Hunters Make When Turkey Hunting

Common Mistakes Beginning Hunters Make When Turkey Hunting

Turkey hunting is all about passion. If you’re new to turkey hunting and you’re obsessed with turkey hunting, then we have some tips for you that we hope will help you excel.

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Have you ever faced problems when hunting Turkeys? If yes, which I am sure is a fair assumption. We’re here today to share with you some of the common mistakes you may do before heading out turkey hunting.

If you’re new to hunting turkeys, then it’s alright to make some mistakes. But you’ll want to make sure to learn more about the sport before heading out to the turkey woods, as the more mistakes you make. The more you educate the turkeys and that will surely lessen your chances of bagging and nice big trophy tom turkey.

Below we’ll discuss some of the most common turkey hunting mistakes new hunters make and how to avoid them. Don’t worry if you don’t master all our turkey hunting tips. Because, turkey hunting is not that easy, as you might think. But, by following some basic turkey hunting tips you soon be on the fast track for bagging your bird this hunting season.

Learn Your Shotguns Pattern and Its Range

You more than likely have spent a considerable amount of time shooting your shotgun and most certainly have spent hours hunting ducks with your trusty 12-gauge. However, that type of shooting is completely different than hunting turkeys. For turkey hunting, you’ll need to change your choke and swap out your duck shotshells for ammo that is more suitable for turkey. You want to spend some time during the summer months practicing with your shotgun shooting it so that you can get used to its range and how it patterns. You can easily do this by shooting at paper shooting targets.

Scout Your Turkey Hunting Locations

You need to do some pre-hunt season scouting before you even step foot into the turkey woods. Preseason scouting is critical to a successful Turkey hunting season. You’ll want to make sure to scout the areas that you intend to hunt to be certain that the turkeys are visiting those areas. Scouting around feeding areas and roosting areas is always a good bet that way you can learn to pattern the turkey’s habits and set up in the proper places to bag a turkey come hunting season. As spring rolls in turkeys change their feed and travel habits and you’ll to prepare for that. Look over feeding areas and roosting areas to be certain there is a decent population of birds to hunt.

Hunting Blind and Location Setup

Most newcomers to the sport of Turkey hunting make the mistake of setting up in a poor hunting location oftentimes not concealing themselves properly in a blind thus giving away their location even the words empty-handed at the end of the season. You must have adequate camouflage to conceal yourself. Turkeys have a very keen sense of vision. So, your camouflage needs to be top-notch. You can either use a hunting bling and camo clothing or you can make a ground blind using any of the Ready have readily available natural materials in the area they plan to hunt. You can use those materials to make yourself a ground blind to conceal yourself from the turkeys. Oftentimes setting up with your back against a big tree a few yards away from where you think the turkeys will approach is often a good hunting position. You want to make sure that your turkey decoy placement is out in front of you where you have a clear vision of it and your shooting lanes are unobstructed.

Keep and All Movement to a Minimum

Turkeys have perfect eyesight, so if you’re planning to hunt them, you need to come up with a whole lot of patience and ability to remain perfectly still while in the woods hunting them. Its common human nature to move at the first noise you year. Quickly moving to see what it was that made the noise. But, when turkey hunting – DO NOT get into that habit! So it’s just best to make sure that you’re in your hunting location and that you’re comfortable in that year firearm is in a position where you do not have to raise it very much if any at all to take your shot at a turkey.

These are just some of the very basic things to consider when you’re starting our Turkey hunting. As hunting seasons go on and on, you’ll surely gather more information and your hone your hunting skills even further. Have yourself a safe, fun and successful turkey hunting season.


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