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Hunting TipsSimple Guide to Cleaning Your Gun

Simple Guide to Cleaning Your Gun

Step 1: Brush Through the Pistol Barrel

Dip your bore brush in a little cleaning solvent and brush the Pistol Barrel thoroughly before setting it aside to cook for a while. This will provide a deeper cleansing and prevent the barrel from fouling.

Some people will use pipe cleaners during the cleaning process, but the bore brush comes highly recommended by the experts. We will leave this here and get back to it in a bit.

Step 2: Wipe Off the Frame

Grab your cleaning cloth or paper towels, whichever you are using, and wipe of the exterior of the gun and remove all the gunk from the frame. Don’t use rubbing alcohol even if you feel the specific gunk requires it, this could stain your guns exterior.

Also, be sure the rag you are using is completely dry. Make sure you pay extra special attention to getting those handguards perfect as they tend to get dirty faster. Remember, solvents are always a bad idea as thy can lead to even worse problems.

Step 3: Wipe Off the Rail and Slide

There will be some nooks and crannies that your rag will not reach well. So, grab some q-tips and begin running them down the rail and slide of the gun to remove all vestiges of dust, dirt, and anything else. Semi-automatic pistols can become very dirty as time goes on and this is something to think about if you do spend a lot of time at the range.

Step 4: Brush off the Recoil Spring

Using the driest rag you have, take the recoil spring and rub it down till all the gunk comes off. You could also use a toothbrush here if you encounter anything especially gunky. That task was probably about the easiest in the cleaning process.

Step 5: Brush the Barrel Again Inside and Out

Now, it is just about time to clean the barrel that had been left aside. Give it another brushing with the bore brush and then clean the exterior with your dry rag.

Step 6: Use a Pistol Jag for the Barrel

Place a patch on your jag and push it through the barrel. All the way through! Don’t use a back and forth cleaning action as this will just move the dirt back and forth. Push clean through from one end to the other and use as many patches as your need until you are satisfied with your cleaning job.

The pistol jag is a special tool used for cleaning the barrel. It has a tight fit and can thoroughly remove all contaminants from the inside of the gun barrel.

Step 7: Oil the Gun

The gun must also be oiled. To do this, just use a Q-tip with your gun oil and begin rubbing it down the slide rails and all other places the gun looks a bit shiny. We oil the shiny parts specifically because these are the areas that are seeing the most action. You may also want to put some oil on the recoil spring and the dab it gently with your rag so it is not too oily.

You will only need bout 2-3 drops of oil to complete the entire weapon.


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