Whitetail Metal Outdoor Scope Thermometer
Whitetail Metal Outdoor Scope Thermometer

John Jacques, Founder of AIM Hunting headquartered in the great hunting state of Wisconsin. Has a rather unique and interesting story at the very least.


First let me tell you a little bit about AIM Hunting. AIM Hunting manufactures and sells patented Crosshair Scope Clocks & Thermometers, which feature High Definition images of Wild Game in the crosshairs.


John Jacques, the founder’s story is a complicated one in-which the birth of AIM Hunting products was forged from.


Here’s John’s story

Part 1 – Clocked

I’ve had over 10 head injuries (stopped counting at 10), both from accidents and from playing high school and college football. I am currently a living subject in the study of CTE (Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy) being conducted at Boston University.


Autumn Whitetail Crosshairs Clock sold at Cabelas
Autumn Whitetail Deer Crosshairs Clock available at Cabelas online

This is the same study that examines the deaths of famous NFL players resulting from multiple head concussions. I was a licensed PI (Private Investigator) and agency owner for 20 years in the State of Wisconsin. As I approached my 40’s, my CTE symptoms from the multiple brain traumas I had endured began to increase and I realized I needed to figure out a business idea that could support my family, was not to demand, and could be run by my beautiful wife Jennifer.


So thus started the idea behind “AIM Hunting.” I had been “clocked” too many times to remember and now have memory problems, nervous system problems, concentration problems, etc. You get the picture.


Onto the “Clocks” part of my story.


Part 2 – Clocks


While working surveillance for my Private Detective Agency one autumn afternoon, I found myself day dreaming (You do that sometimes working surveillance). I was staring off into the woods, wishing I was hunting for a big buck rather than staring at a home in rural Wisconsin. All the while thinking what I could invent that could provide for my family for the second half of my life.


As my mind wandered, I started thinking that looking through a rifle scope would trump staring through the lens of my HD camcorder. Between looking back and forth between my camcorder and my watch all day, I realized that the face of my watch was similar to that of a rifle scope. All it needed was an image of a big buck and some crosshairs, as an overlay. When I returned home, I told my wife Jenn of my idea.


I said, “Here, Look! Wouldn’t it be cool if my clock here in the office looked exactly like what you see when you are looking through the scope of your hunting rifle about to shoot a big buck?” Jenn’s immediate answer was,” Yes, now that’s an idea you need to run with, Jacques!”


Whitetail Deer Metal Outdoor Scope Thermometer sold Cabelas online
Whitetail Deer Metal Outdoor Scope Thermometer available at Cabelas online

So from that humble beginning the idea took shape. Using a coffee mug and a deer hunting magazine, Jenn and I began to shape my crosshairs clock concept. Design Patents were filed, prototypes were built, and the product was perfected. We even added watches, thermometers, desk clocks, alarm clocks and carabiner clips to our product line, as well.


Now, AIM Hunting brings you a complete line of Crosshairs Scope concept products featuring HD wildlife images from the best wildlife photographers in the world. You can enjoy our Crosshairs products in your home, cabin, deer camp, office or bar or buy a watch and enjoy them on your wrist!


The fall of 2013 – AIM Clocks and Thermometers are rolling out on the Cabela’s and Sportsman’s Guide websites. We also view our product line-up at our website www.huntingclocks.com.


AIM Hunting products make the perfect gift for all those hard to buy for outdoorsmen or outdoors-women on your gift giving list.

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