BroadHead Archery Starts New Archery and Shooting Business Concentrating On Great Service Before, During and After the Sale


Everybody says they are looking for the “best deal”. When buying a crossbow or other archery equipment the cheapest can sometime be the most expensive. was started to make sure customers knew what they needed before making a purchase. If BroadHead gets a chance they can save you money and get you the correct gear for your hunt. “Make the first shot count” is our motto and this is true whether an animal is being taken or a buying decision is being made.


When BroadHead Archery launched their e-commerce store, quality products and outstanding service was the main focus. This was easy but they also found their customers wanted more. BroadHead Archery responded by setting up their business model to be the “go to people” for the products they offered. So many times their customers called with complaints that they just could not get the service they needed at the big box stores.


Mike Farmer, the owner of Broadhead Archery, wanted more for his customers. “It seemed like at one time all you needed was an open storefront and you would be successful. It quickly became evident that today’s customers demand more”. Videos, instruction brochures, Facebook, Twitter and blogs are now a mainstay of good customer service and they have stepped up and now offer all of these on their website. Mike says “We are new to this technology but we are embracing it as quickly as possible. With all this being said we are always available by phone at 423-612-4091.”


Facebook has been one of the most amazing additions for BroadHead Archery. They started their Facebook page, BroadheadArcheryandShooting, never guessing that it would be a fantastic way for customers and friends to interact about the archery and their hunting hobby. Twitter has been introduced and the same enthusiasm is being experienced.


BroadHead Archery was started as a business venture but it has become more. Their customers have become their friends and Mike finds enjoyment helping solve any problem that comes up in the archery or shooting area.


Broadhead Archery plans on being a force in the archery and shooting arena. They have been in retail for 30 years but just recently gotten into the archery business. Even though it has been a short time they already offer crossbows from Barnett, Tenpoint, Parker, Horton, PSE, and Excalibur. They offer compound bows from PSE, Martin, G5 and Diamond. Some of the popular accessories available are the HHA Optimizer, MTM arrow cases, and RamCat Broadheads.


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