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American Forest Foundation Introduces MyLandPlan.org Forest Journal to Help Landowners Share the Love of their Woods

The American Forest Foundation’s innovative website for woodland owners MyLandPlan.org has launched a new upgraded social community feature, the Forest Journal.


With more than 1,150 early adopters mapping more than 125,000 acres of private forestland with the American Forest Foundation’s (AFF) innovative Website MyLandPlan.org, AFF is unveiling a new upgraded social community feature, the Forest Journal.


MyLandPlan.org is an interactive website created for woodland owners, by woodland owners. AFF launched MyLandPlan.org in an effort to make on-the-ground stewardship of America’s forests more widespread and effective.


According to feedback from users who are using the site to select goals to increase active management of their properties, MyLandPlanners want a one-stop-shop to record changes in their woods, upload photos, and share progress and observations with friends and family. They also want to be connected to other woodland owners who they can learn from.


The new and improved Forest Journal feature now offers users even more opportunities to share with others why they love owning woodlands. Learn more at mylandplan.org/journal.


“Families and individuals own more forestland than the federal government. With today’s perfect storm of forest threats—from wildfire and drought, to invasive pests and increasing fragmentation—keeping America’s woods healthy requires that family forest owners take a more active role managing their land than ever before,” said Caroline Kuebler, AFF outreach manager. “We created MyLandPlan to help woodland owners make the best decisions for their woods and their interests.


Landowners can create an account and start sharing their memories by visiting mylandplan.org/signup.


“MyLandPlan.org is designed for woodland owners to help them learn about their land and identify their goals—whether they include improving wildlife habitat, recreational opportunities, birding, income, or other interests,” said AFF forester Mike Burns.


“The upgraded Forest Journal feature is a way for them to brag about their property! Landowners can record memories, track their activities, significant events, archive photos and much more. The Forest Journal is a great way to share their love of their land with friends and family,” Burns said.


For more information about MyLandPlan and the American Forest Foundation, contact: info(at)mylandplan(dot)org or 202-463-2731.


About the American Forest Foundation

The American Forest Foundation (AFF) works nationwide and in partnership with local, state, and national groups to provide hands-on support for America’s 10 million family forest owners, giving them the tools they need to manage healthy and sustainable woodlands. Visit forestfoundation.org to learn more about AFF and its signature programs, Project Learning Tree and the American Tree Farm System. AFF has received a four-star rating from Charity Navigator.

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