ar15 scopes -
AR15 Scopes New Website Highlights the most popular products in each category of AR15 scopes.

Introducing the New AR15 Scopes New Popular Tiles

The newly designed ar15scopes web store features a new complete popular products layout. Quickly access hard to find tactical scopes and accessories all on one page.


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The new “popular tiles” home page design highlights the most popular products in each category of AR15 scopes. This new design of informative product tiles is offers the best products and promotion for our clients. Customers looking to purchase AR 15 scopes and mounting rings can quickly find the best option for various shooting conditions. Powerful tactical flashlights and laser sights are also available in this new quick access popular tiles store design. All transaction on AR15 scopes’s online store are encrypted with the latest payment processing technology. In addition to a secure shopping experience we offer expert customer service via phone, live chat and email.


This new rifle scope web store features the largest selection of tactical scopes designed for AR15 rifles. Unlike tactical sights, AR 15 scopes have higher magnification to extend the users targeting ability. These AR15 designed scopes have more features and greater long distance targeting ability. Popular AR scope models such and the new 3-9×42 IR in the “Sniper Scope” series feature a lightweight compact design to their hunting scope line-up. This scope is designed to offer all the features of a larger scope in a compact size.


Our new web store also has a large selection of quick targeting sights such as the popular 1×30 M16 scope by Barska® optics features on the new home page. This quick targeting AR15 sights deliver an exceptional targeting experience. This scope has an ideal 1x magnification that allows it to have an unlimited eye relief and wide field of view. This wider field of view and unlimited eye relief allows for quick close quarters targeting. Built with an illuminated red-cross reticle this scope is great for both daytime and low light targeting.
 ar15 scopes -
AR15 Scopes New Website Highlights the most popular products in each category of AR15 scopes.

The most in demand products such tactical combos are made available directly on the home page. Customers can choose from multiple variations of AR15 green laser sight, red laser sight, tactical flashlight and riflescope combination. These AR15 tactical scope combos AR designed specifically for tactical shooters that need powerful sighting features. These combinations can be configured with a secondary aiming point for quick changes in targeting distances. These AR tactical combos are popular for home defense because the can be configured with high power tactical flashlights that allow you to safely identify intruders in the dark.


AR 15 Scopes with corporate offices, warehouse and distribution in La Verne, CA (Southern California) is a online retail in the tactical scopes industry. Our online store carries a wide selection of tactical rifle scopes, military style AR scopes, and tactical laser sights. We also produce a full line of AR15 accessories such as AR 15 mounts and gunsmith tools. For more information, please call: 1-909-445-8168, or visit them online at AR15 scopes’s.

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