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Big Game Hunting3 Top Tips for Buying the Best Long Range Scope

3 Top Tips for Buying the Best Long Range Scope

A great hunting scope not only magnifies the target you’re aiming at. But it also greatly increases your shooting accuracy.

So, there is no doubt that either the hunter or the shooting enthusiast would only want to equip their firearm with the best long range scope their money can buy.

Often when hunting big game animals or partaking in shooting sports you’ll find yourself taking aim at targets that are typically 100+ yards away. This is where having the best long range scope will help you stack the odds of hitting your target into your favor.

Our hunting editors has come up with five of the best tips to help you choose the best long range scope for your shooting style or hunting needs. Bare in-mind that all hunting scopes have different characteristics that can range widely from scope brand to scope brand. However, they all have a few things in common. Those things include – Magnification, Adjustment, and Reticles.

Magnification – For hunters and shooters whom actively hunt in wide open spaces with your average shot being somewhere around that 100+ yards range, a variable magnification scope might be your best option. For variable magnification hunting scopes, the vary versatile 3x to 9x hunting scopes are by far the most popular flexible power hunting scopes. That being said if you are truly seeking the best long range scope to get the job done; and your taking shots at targets that are distances of 200+ yards or more. Then you’re going to want to start looking at buying hunting scopes with 16x and 24x magnification. These higher power scopes will allow you to shoot game at distances of 200 – 500 yards easily.

Adjustment – Is an important factor to consider while you’re looking for the best long range scope to buy. You should always settle on buying a hunting scope that can be adjusted for elevation and wind. Make certain that that scopes adjustments are detailed enough for your intended hunting or shooting purposes. Except for the fixed distance scopes most scopes on the market today which includes sniper, sighting, spotting, night vision, tactical, pistol, and military scopes have adjustment setting knobs so that you can make any needed adjustments and improvements to your shooting accuracy.

Reticles – commonly referred to as, the ‘cross hairs.’ Is the image within the hunting scope that aids the shooter in aligning and taking the most accurate aim at their intended target. Reticles are either made of etched glass, wire, or other man-made materials. Reticles choice is primarily based on personal preference. However, you should factor in – the type of shooting you’re doing, the type of game your hunting, and what type of conditions you’ll be shooting in – all those factors should be considered into your reticle choice. Because there are so many variations of reticles it would be an exhaustive task to list each type and style here. The most popular reticles used in the scope market today are – Crosshair, Holographic, Wind Drift, Duplex, Mil-Dot, and BDC (also, known as, Bullet Drop Compensation.”

With so many hunting scope choices on the market today. It makes shopping and buying the best long range scope for your shooting and hunting needs a daunting task. However, reading and following our simple scope selection tips will help you in selecting and buying the best long range scope for your firearm.


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