EXpedition Deer Rut 2018


The time has come, the feast of every deer hunter.

Slovakia Deer HunterOn the curly peaks of mid-Slovakia, cold wind is breaking through the trees and trying to take away the last remnants of the summer. Mountain is covered by the new dress. Time is coming, the time for Hunting expedition on deer’s ExDeRu 2018.

ExDeRu of this year is a premiere from multiple sides. The first change is support in optic and observes telescopes from Meopta, that equip us also during our last expedition in Slovenia. Warm days are almost gone and I was impatiently waiting for the day of departure with hope, that the days for the expedition get colder for the beautiful show of the mountain´s kings.

We get to the place and the fog coming up from the ground was welcoming us through mountain´s gates, symbolic thoughts, that should leave and fizzle out into the sky to allow a clear head to welcome new experiences.

Slovakia Landscape at SunriseThe second change is the destination. We were hunting in Slovakia in my home-country. Risk of the different meeting was as a gas to the engine. Unbelievable panoramic views, that where incision into the Slovakia Red Deer Huntingeyes as the night was leaving and memories of unique days at the end of September. Kings were shy and came out especially in the moments when also photographer was surrendering. .Sound, singing that was spreading out in all village and in the next pastures cant be unfortunately captured by the camera.

The one who has this experience know what I am talking about. I would like to thank our guides for never-dying experiences with a wolf, tracking deer and for amazing hunting atmosphere during the whole expedition. Last but not last thanks to all members of our expedition group, that I could be part of the autumn feast and great mood (which wasn’t so easy at the beginning).

Slovakia Red Deer RunningI am bringing you little bit different album dear friends, but I strongly believe, it will bring you into the atmosphere of deer rut hunt in the mid of Slovakia, that is not about the hunt, but about new friendships, experiences and about great honor to people, animals and to mother nature.

Click on the images below to view the larger images of the deer hunting trip.

FotoStoryAS - PhotographerHunt well!

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