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Bird HuntingWhy Buy A Turkey Blind for Hunting

Why Buy A Turkey Blind for Hunting

When you want to increase your chances of bagging a turkey you will want to use a turkey blind.

The eyesight in a turkey is very good. That is why you will want to know the value of a turkey blind now, more than ever. Not only is this going to keep you hidden, but it will also make the terrain look varied as well.

What else is nice is when you are hunting from a turkey blind you will spend plenty of time out in the wild scouting your spot to put the blind. You will find some of the advantages of a blind will include increase concealment, a noise reduction on the inside, waterproof materials, and plenty of room for everyone. What else is nice is the larger blinds will need to be brought with you if you are a bow hunter. Even if you are using a shotgun you will find that you have more success in a blind.

Stay Hidden

This is easily one of the biggest reasons to get a blind and that is you are hidden. When you are one of the run and gun style hunters you may find yourself using a tree or even branches. However, if you are getting to much time in the open looking for concealment you will only increase the chance of a turkey seeing you.

With ambush hunting blinds you are going to have a great spot to ambush a turkey from regardless of what is around you. Even if you are in the middle of a field the turkeys will still come out because of the blind. What else is nice if you do not need to brush a turkey blind like you do for deer. All that you have to do is put it in place and then you are ready to go.

Often you will find that turkey is hunted for in food plots. The blind makes it nice because, as mentioned above,  you can set it up in the middle of the field. Not to mention you tend to get a full view around the blind. Even if you are a bow hunter you will notice the Banks Stump Vision Series, allows you to open all the windows and have a shoot through black mesh that goes to the window frames. This allows you to stay hidden when you are drawing back.

Youth Introduction

If you are bringing your kids with you, then you must have a blind to keep the kids hidden. In the blind, you can even talk quietly with your kids about the fundamentals of hunting turkey. If they get bored easily you may find that they can bring along their smartphones or even a book. What else is nice is the kids can move around and you will not have as much in the way of lost shots because of them moving.

What is nice is this allows the kids to talk and not miss a shot because of them moving.

When you have the kids you will find that the blind is going to reduce the missed shots, but also makes it easier for them to talk among themselves.

Often in the spring, you will find that you are going to deal with insects coming out. That often means you will have to deal with the inconvenience of these pests, but the kids may not understand why they are around. When you are in the blind you will find the pest is gone, but so is any bad weather. This is going to make it easier for you to have a great hunting experience. This is very true for the first time hunter and even the younger kids. If they have a bad experience they may not want to go hunting anymore.

Plenty Of Space

When you are in a mobile turkey hunt you will find that you do not need a lot of equipment. This may mean missing out on some of the luxury items you would be carrying with you. When you have a blind, though, you will be able to hunt with the extra items you would usually bring with you and that makes the hunt nicer. You can even bring a lunch with you when you hunt in a blind. What else is nice is you can even videotape some of the hunts as well. No matter what, when you are filming the hunt, the blind tends to give you plenty of space.


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