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Spring Turkeys Might be Gobbling Later This Spring


If you’ve been itching to hunt turkeys in Utah’s backcountry this spring, but you haven’t made it out yet, there’s still time to buy a permit and head afield.
There’s still plenty of time for turkey hunting in Utah this spring. The general statewide turkey hunt runs until May 31.

There’s still time to hunt turkeys in Utah this spring. The general statewide turkey hunt runs until May 31.
Utah’s general statewide turkey hunt runs until May 31. Hunting permits are available until the hunt ends.

Jason Robinson, upland game coordinator for the Division of Wildlife Resources, says the latter part of the general hunt can be a tougher time to hunt turkeys because most of the male turkeys have stopped gobbling by then. This spring might be different, though. Wet and cold weather has likely pushed the nesting season back a week or so, so male turkeys might be gobbling later into the spring this year.

“After they lay their eggs,” Robinson says, “hens stay on their nest to incubate their eggs. That’s when male turkeys, called toms and jakes, start gobbling again to try to locate hens that haven’t bred yet or that need to breed again, because their nests failed.”

If you’d like to get in on the action — and hunt turkeys right away — buy your permit from a hunting license agent or a DWR office

If you buy a permit at wildlife.utah.gov, you won’t be able to hunt until your permit arrives in the mail. It will probably take a few days for your permit to arrive.

Spring Turkey Hunting Tips and Tactics


Tips and tactics to help you take a turkey — including hunting videos that cover the basics of turkey hunting — are available at wildlife.utah.gov/turkeys.

More information about hunting turkeys in Utah is also available in the free 2016–2017 Utah Upland Game and Turkey Guidebook.

“There’s still time to get into the back country and hunt turkeys this spring,” Robinson says. “May is a great month to be outdoors with your family and friends. The weather is nice, and there are plenty of turkeys to hunt.”

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