Whitetail Deer Hunting in Winter December Hunts

Hunting in December is regarded as one of the most rewarding and yet also the easiest season for hunting.

It is during this time that most hunters prefer sitting in their favorite chair in front of the warm fire, giving you the advantage and better chance of bringing home a handsome buck for Christmas.

It is regarded as the easiest season for hunting because this season is mainly a waiting game. Expect the weather to be bitter cold, which means whitetails will be more on the move in search of food, so you can just sit and wait for the deer to come your way.

Here are a few tips to keep in mind for this hunting season:

1Get the Right Gear

Prepare yourself for the cold weather and dress appropriately: boots, packs, thick jackets, items in hunter orange (to avoid being shot), and binoculars. One particularly effective gear for this season is Wallrest. It is a performance poncho especially made to battle the harshest and heaviest downpours and keeps you warm in the coldest temperatures which comes in a waterproof carry sack for easy carrying. For more information, visit wallrest.com

2Hunting Tree Stands

Elevated platforms or tree stands are an efficient way to spot and kill a whitetail. They not only reduce your chances of being spotted by a deer but also improve your line of sight.
Food and Water: Make sure to bring lots of food and water to kill the time while waiting for deer to come into your view.

When going for the kill, there’s only a few simple steps or strategies to ensure your success for this season.

3Gather Information

Scouting is the foundation for ensuring the success of a hunt. Knowing when and where the deer activity ensures you have something to bring home in time for Christmas.
● Study the terrain via aerial and topographic maps. This gives you the idea on where and where the best places to go in search for whitetails’ possible routes and bedding areas.
● Prioritize exploring slopes that are either facing east or south as they provide the deer shelter from the wind and receives the first rays of the morning sun.
● Other locations you should check out are river and creeks which are also prime locations for travelling deer.
● Thickets provide deer their bedding areas and the security they need; does bed closer to the food source while bucks prefer resting farther and usually stay higher up the slopes.

4Scout for Food Plots

Hungry bucks that begin to seek available food sources develop movement patterns that you can identify via scouting. Make sure to take your maps with you or better yet, bring a GPS with you for ease. It is recommended to scout for food sources in the morning to avoid detection and the risk of scaring the deer.
● There are five favorite delicacies for deer during the late season namely; corn, soybeans, oats, turnips and wheat. Also look out for brassicas which is a popular food choice during this season since the cold makes them sweeter.
● Bucks go to these food sources usually at dusk and out of them at first light thus knowing the location and the abundance of these delicacies can make a huge difference.

5Going for the Kill

December deer in general do their feeding at night especially in the latter parts of the season so it’s best to set up your stand or sit and wait between the bedding and the food source. Whitetails step out just before dark, once spotted – take into detail where he comes from, the route he takes and where he goes. When going for the kill, it is not recommended to immediately venture into their resting spots or bedding areas until late in the season to avoid scaring them. Instead identify their travel routes and intercept while there is light.


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