Top 6 List of Totem Spirits for Hunters


Many cultures believe that all beings have spirits. The Native Americans have widely believed that totem spirits are a part of their lives, and they guide the individual in live and into the afterlife.


Here are our Top Six (6) spirit totems/animals for hunters. Of course, there are many more totems that would be great for hunters but these are just our favorite picks!

One // OstrichOstrich - Totem Animal for Hunters
The Ostrich is said to be grounded and practical. This makes sense for all kinds of hunters. Hunters have to be practical and vigilant to be successful. A hunter with the Ostrich totem would research where the best hunting spots are before heading out. They’re patient, practical, and grounded–which makes a good hunter.




Two // Panther Panther - Totem Animal for Hunters
People with this totem are said to be introspective, careful decision-makers, and cautious. These traits are useful when hunting so someone with the Panther totem would likely make a good hunter. Unlike other totems, the Panther totem is cautious and symbolizes careful decisions, which are very an only necessary when hunting. Stealthy, cunning, and intelligent, the Panther is a great totem for hunters.


Three // WolfWolf - Totem Animal for Hunters
Wolves are said to be loyal, persevering, intuitive, and successful. Hunters need to be patient and wait for their prey, and if they don’t catch any the first time, they need to know not to give up. Perseverance is a good trait for everybody but especially hunters. Wolves are loyal pack animals, stealthy, cunning, and know how to work together. Someone with the wolf totem would know when to state their opinions and when not to. They’re intelligent and strong, as well. The wolf totem is a great totem for hunters.


Four // ToadToad - Totem Animal for Hunters
Though weak in comparison to other animals, the toad totem has good traits for hunters. It is said to symbolize luck, self-examination, and inner-strength. People with the toad totem can use their inner-strength to surpass the qualms they have with themselves and rise-above others in what they do. Their constant self-examination let’s; They realize their faults and work on bettering themselves. Focused and stealthy, this totem’s traits would make a good hunter.


Five // SpiderSpider - Totem Animal for Hunters
Wise, balanced, creative, and good with communication, those with the spider totem have many traits of a good hunter. Their creativity makes it easy for them to find ways to overcome problems they encounter. Being balanced and wise also helps them to better themselves at their practice. Their good communication skills make them easy to work with an agreeable.


Six // FoxFox - Totem Animal for Hunters
Cunning, agile, quick-witted, and diplomatic, the Fox gets what they need to done. Stealth is an important trait for hunters to have. Their quick-wits make them good at split-second decision-making. They’re easily one of the smartest and slyest of the totems on this list. Their sly nature lets them easily fool prey and makes them appear harmless–though, when the time is right, they’re deadly.



The size and perceived abilities of these animal totems can be deceiving! So which of these totems do you think fits you best or hunters in general?


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