Hunting TipsTips For Purchasing the Best Hunting Land

Tips For Purchasing the Best Hunting Land

Acquiring hunting land is a dream come true for most hunters.

Sometimes, it stays a dream, but in some cases, it can be a reality with a little money down, some planning, and a vision for managing the property for any hunting goals you may have. If this is your first time trying to acquire hunting land, there are a few things you may want to keep in mind:

1. Know the Area

This one is trivial but deserves a section in this read. You cannot buy the best hunting land if you do not know the area. Proximity to the ground can provide even small tracts substantial promise.

According to Slade Priest, a land pro in the land purchasing business, some of his best deer hunting has been as a result of smaller tracts due to where they were located. According to him, a 20-acre land with good habitat surrounded by 1000 acres of ground where no one has the permits to hunt has a robust potential.

Before you signed that dotted line, it’s important to consider the hunting regulations, predator populations, neighboring lands as well as disease prevalence according to Surplus Network.

2. Know the Locals

Getting to know the local people is as imperative as getting to know the land. If you know the locals and that a certain farmer kills a 150-inch deer every year, then you may want to take a look at land in that region when it comes up for sale.

You need to know the people, not just the area. If you know the landowners, and know what kind of an individual you are, you’ll be in a better position to get great deals than if they do not know you at all.

As with most aspects of life, networking is essential when it comes to investing in property.

3. Look at Adjacent Regions You Already Hunt

Most hunters already have leased land and hunting permits. If you are looking to increase your acreage and get into the property buying business, search for land adjacent to the tracts you are already hunting. This is a hunting tip as it is a land-purchasing one.

Priest advises buying good land adjacent to the hunting grounds you already have a lease or permission to hunt.

This is not just a good investment, but it boosts your total huntable land. Do not ignore this as a feasible opportunity, particularly if you are hunting certain bucks that you know spend time in the neighboring land. It just might provide the chance to kill that Booner you have been after for the past several seasons.

4. Look for Ads

Knowing the local area and the people is essential, but it is not always enough. Property advertisement outlets, even the small local ones still present great ways to find the best hunting land for your needs.

It might be a farmer’s booklet, a market bulletin, or a local magazine. You will come across property sales ads everywhere, from the feed store to the co-op and even gas stations, particularly in small towns. These are excellent places to come across undervalued properties. Online platforms like Facebook and other online marketplaces are great as well. Newspapers may not be great places for people to advertise nowadays, but they are great resources for buyers. So, do not hesitate to use any resource available.


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