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Big Game HuntingThings to Know About Hunting Outfitters, Ohio Guide Outfitters, OGO

Things to Know About Hunting Outfitters, Ohio Guide Outfitters, OGO

Hunting dates back to ancient civilizations where it was done as a necessity. People had to eat so they needed to hunt down animals and eat them.

But what was once a necessity has now become a sport that some persons find to be quite exhilarating and fun-filled. You can read this article to find out more about the history of hunting.

As someone that enjoys this sport, you can either choose to hunt solo, or you can embark on a guided hunt. In this article, we will be looking at some important things someone new to hunting should know about hunting outfitters and guided hunts. We will start by first explaining what guided hunts are.

What are Guided Hunts?

Guided hunts are hunting services provided by hunting outfitters. The client first has to pay for the operation, then the outfitter will provide their services which include logistical support, a hunting guide with the game and area expertise, alongside any regulation that should be followed.

Things To Know When Going On Guided Hunts

When done properly, this arrangement will work out great for both the client and the guide. Sometimes, when things work well, the client may be so impressed that the hunt turns into an annual event. The partnership can even blossom into friendship in the long run.

However, sometimes, things can go awry. The fault may either be that of the outfitter, but at other times, it may be because of the client. So, if you have decided to go for a guided hunt and you have even gotten an outfitter, there are certain dos and don’ts that you should keep in mind to ensure you have a smooth experience.

Below are some of these dos and don’ts:


1. Find Out as Much As You Can About the Hunt

As we already said, a bad hunting experience can be the outfitter’s fault as well. Hence, you need to ensure that the guide you hire offers the best services. To do this, you need to find out everything you can about the hunt and the guide offering it.

Ascertain their reputation by asking for references. Not only should you find out what their past clients have to say about them, but you need to also ask if they get repeat clients, and what percentage of their clientele fall under this category. The higher the repeat client percentage, the more trustworthy and reliable they are because no one will come back to a place where they were poorly treated.

You also need to find out how long the outfit has been operational. Knowing all of these will help you know just how reliable the outfitter is. You can also visit ohioguideoutfitters.com to learn more about what a reliable hunting outfitter should offer.

2. Ensure Your Attitude Is Positive and Winning

Your job on the hunt has been cut down by the outfitter; this is because they typically will cover everything needed for the operation to go smoothly. All you have to do is show up, shoot, while ensuring your attitude is positive and winning.

You may not end up with a kill, but, with a great attitude, you would still have a rewarding experience regardless.

Successful Deer Hunter with a Whitetail Deer Buck - Hunting Magazine
Successful Deer Hunter with a Whitetail Deer Buck – Hunting Magazine

3. Know What You Are Getting Involved in

Before you get into the hunt, make sure you are well aware of what you are getting involved with. Do not be shy to ask questions. Find out what the physical expectations of the hunt are, accommodations being offered, the distance you have to shoot across, just ask everything you think you need to know before the hunt.

While you do this, ensure you are honest about any limitations you may have. This will afford you the chance of backing out before paying for the hunt if you have to.


1. Brag About What You Can Do

Do not get in front of everyone on the team and start bragging about your capabilities. Even if you are a seasoned hunter, let your actions speak for you rather than your words. If you keep bragging about all you can do, you most likely won’t be a great companion and this will ultimately affect your whole experience.

2. Go with Unreasonable Expectations

Making a kill most often is the highlight of the whole experience. While you can go to the hunt expectant, ensure that your expectations are realistic and not unreasonable. When your expectation isn’t over the bar, you will enjoy the experience a whole lot better because you won’t be fixed on making sure your expectations are met.

An illustration of having an unreasonable expectation is going to the hunt with the mind that you will kill a grizzly bear. Now, the chances of this happening as opposed to killing a deer are kind of slim. This is because grizzly bears aren’t as common to find on hunts as much as deer since the density in which they exist is lower than that of deer.
With this intention, you may reduce the quality of your experience since you would be fixed on your grizzly bear kill.

Assuming you then end up killing a deer instead, you may not count it as a win. Therefore, alongside having a winning and positive attitude towards the hunt, keep in mind that the experience and not the game is the actual reward of the hunt.


Hunting is a sport that was once a necessity in the past. If you are new to this sport, getting a guide would be the most logical option for you. This is because you most likely would lack the knowledge that will make the experience worthwhile. Guided hunts are provided by hunting outfitters.

As a hunter, all you have to do is pay the outfitter and they will get everything ready for you, including a guide and logistics. You then have to show up with a winning and positive attitude and shoot. However, to ensure you have a great experience, make sure you find out about the outfitter’s reputation and do not go with unreasonable expectations.


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