Hardcore Huntresses - Wild Boar Hunting
Hardcore Huntresses - Wild Boar Hunting

 often get asked what is my favorite game to hunt. The answer is simple….. Hogs with dogs and a GRITS Custom Knife.

There is something quite magical about watching the dogs work, the adrenaline pumping action when you let the catch dog go & the intensity as you approach the hog, knowing it wants to hunt you back & taking it’s life with a knife. There is nothing more gratifying or satisfying. I am going to take you on my latest Quail Project Underway In Florida adventure. I hope you enjoy the ride.

I have a passion for hunting hogs with dogs and a GRITS Custom Knife. I was able to feed my passion during the month of March 2014. My journey begins with needing the appropriate knife for the task at hand. Since I am battling wild boars with a knife as my sole weapon, I need the best, most reliable knife available. Therefore, I only trust GRITS Custom Knives. House Norris, the owner custom makes the most beautiful, deadly pieces. She knew I was going on a hog hunt in Louisiana & she wanted me to be safe & deadly. House created a custom pig sticker for this hunt. This artistically crafted knife had a 10 inch Damascus steel blade. It was made to cut deep with ease. My knife arrived on Wednesday. It was time. So my journey begins.

On Thursday, my family and I made the venture from Tennessee to Louisiana. We arrived to be greeted by Mike Jones of Hogs R Us. Mike has an amazing team of scent dogs & one beautiful catch dog who stole my heart. His name is Kong. If you are going to stab a hog, you better have one heck of a catch dog that you can trust. I ONLY trust Kong! Mike Jones is a legend in Louisiana. When you hunt with Mike, this thought never crosses your mind, “Are we going to get a hog?” It is more like, “When are we going to get a hog & how many?”

It’s 4:30 on Friday morning. Time to get our hunt on. Mike Jones brings “Squeal Team Six” & his dogs to camp. We load up on the 4 wheelers and off we head deep into the Louisiana Bayou. Within the first hour, the scent dogs alert. We release the hounds and off they go. BOOM! We are on a hog. Mike tracks the dogs location & we head into the swampy waters of the Louisiana Bayou. Wet, Muddy & Cold….. The chase begins! Once we arrive to the scent dogs, we release Kong, the ultimate catch dog. Kong holds the hog down and I approach the beast and take out my GRITS custom pig sticker and drive the 10 inch blade deep into the hog’s heart. A quick, clean, ethical kill. Hog # 1 ~ Down! I drag the beast back to the 4 wheeler. & off we go to chase another.

It is only about 5 minutes later when the scent hounds begin their distinctive barks, they are on another hog…. WOO HOO!!!! Mike tracks the dogs & we begin our journey. This time it is up a steep hill, a muddy embankment & through more swampy water… I must have fallen at least 8 times. Once again, the scent dogs bay the boar…. We release Kong & he holds the piggy steady as I go in for the kill…. Hog # 2 ~ DOWN! I was muddy & bloody & having a blast!!!! Squeal Team 6 & The Hairs had a successful morning & headed back to camp. We gutted the hogs and smoked them all day. Then we relaxed and had a great meal that evening, smoked hog!! I cannot adequately describe the feeling of being able to provide. I kill it, I skin it, I grill it. We eat it. There is nothing more satisfying than being self sufficient. It was a great day of hunting & camaraderie at hunting camp!

Day 2. Alarm goes off…. 4:30 on Saturday morning. My husband, my son & I head to meet up with Mike & Squeal Team 6 at hunting camp. We hop into the 4 wheelers and off we go. The scent hounds are immediately alerting. The problem we have this morning is that there are TOO many hogs and the scent dogs are getting separated. About 2 hours into the hunt, the scent hounds bay a large hog. The brush in the Louisiana Bayou is taller than me & extremely thick. Not to mention the muddy waters. Getting to this hog was difficult to say the least and once again, I’d fallen many times. Once we get to the hog, we release Kong & he does what he does best, holds down the beast and I go in for a quick, clean kill. The GRITS knife penetrates the hog like it is going through butter. Hog # 3 ~ DOWN! We call it a day & a very successful hunt.

I’d like to thank Mike Jones of Hogs R Us for such an amazing hunt. I’d like to thank Squeal Team 6 for being the best group of men I’ve ever hunted hogs with. I’d also like to thank House Norris of GRITS Custom Knives for making me such an amazing knife to be able to do this hunt with. I look forward to many more hunts with Mike Jones & Kong. They are my dream pig hunting team. This hunt will be aired in its entirety on my upcoming television show “Cross Hairs with: Kris & Clay Hair”. It premieres July 2, 2014 on The Hunt Channel (266 Dish Network) @ 7:30 PM. I hope you tune in to watch the action packed episode & all of my other hunts, every Wednesday, Channel 266 Dish Network @ 7:30 PM (Central Time).


Peace, Love & Piggies,

Kristi Hair


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