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The Hardcore Huntress Point Of View ~ A Family That Hunts Together – Stays Together

I am Huntress Kristi Lynn Hair. I believe that a family that hunts together, stays together.

There is a unique bond between parent and child, husband and wife, brother & brother, grandfather & grandson, that can only be experienced in the great outdoors. A love for not only the game you hunt, but also a love of the land. You can only teach this type of respect for mother nature by surrounding yourself & your family in all that it has to offer. My most memorable times were those outdoors with my family. I would like to delve a little deeper into this subject so you can obtain a better understanding of my background & history.

My hunting history runs deep. My father was always a hunter. Although I never expressed an interest early on, my father taught me much about hunting ethics. Only taking what is needed, provide for the family, respect the game you hunt, allow the little deer to walk & grow to their full potential & always give ALL the glory to God. His love for the outdoors was contagious. I was never inside. I was the little girl always climbing to the top of the trees, having orange grove fights with all of the boys, digging up earth worms, riding horses, fishing & enjoying nature. I would be out the door as soon as the sun came up & back when it set.

My mother & my father are both avid fisherman. They spend their summers in Alaska fishing for salmon (reds & sockeyes) & halibut. My mother, Sis, always competes with my father, Tom, to get the biggest fish. They really enjoy fishing along the Kenia Peninsula. They have even taken my middle son, Jake, along with them & he is one heck of a fisherman. My father instilled his love of fishing into my son. Jake is now captain of his high school Bass Fishing team, makes custom rods & will be featured on The World Fishing Network.

Now a little bit about my immediate family. Clay & I have three boys. Their names are: Clay Jr., Jake & Tanner Cole. They are all unique in their own way & all of our sons LOVE to hunt. We often go as a family. There is nothing quite like watching your child harvest their first animal. Clay Jr. shoots a compound bow. However, he prefers to use guns. He has taken many world class whitetail deer & turkeys. Clay Jr. is also a machine gunner in the Marines & is one heck of a shot. He is old enough now, that he is now passing on his skills to our youngest son, Tanner Cole. Watching the bonding that occurs between brothers & their love of the outdoors is indescribable. Jake, our middle son, is by far the most enthusiastic outdoorsman & hunts harder than anyone I know.

Jake prefers a variety of weaponry. He uses a compound bow, crossbow & a variety of guns. Jake goes out before anyone else & stays in longer than any other family member. His determination to succeed is unparalleled. Jake has taken a variety of game: Whitetail, Turkey, Black Hawaiian Ram & Texas Dall Sheep. He is also one heck of a fisherman & has fished all over the country & other countries as well. I cannot keep this one indoors. I’m very proud of his ethics, integrity & hunting values. Our youngest son, Tanner Cole, uses both a crossbow & guns. However, he prefers guns. Tanner loves to hunt, but he is the youngest & likes to have Mom & Dad with him. Tanner took his first hog when he was 8. He took his first buck when he was 10 & he harvested 2 turkeys last Spring (when he was 11). Hunting isn’t just a way of life, it’s who we are.

We have instilled values into our children that we want them to pass down for generations to come. You eat what you kill. You don’t take more than you need. You have enough respect for the animal to allow the little deer to walk & grow into their full potential. You also need to give back, therefore we do donate a doe or two every year to Hunter’s For The Hungry. The most important aspect of hunting is giving ALL the glory to God & being thankful for the outdoor experience whether you come home with a harvest or not. It is about relishing in the time spent in God’s country, becoming a part of the animals world, staying undetected and watching them interact in their natural environment. Always respecting the land & the game.

“Now then, get your equipment–your quiver and bow–and go out to the open country to hunt some wild game for me.” ~ Genesis 27:3

Peace, Love & Venison,
Kristi Hair



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