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Some Maine Hunters Seeing Red Over Blazing Orange



Amish with Buggy photo by Cindy Cornett Seigle


On May 26 Maine’s Senate President Micheal Thibodeau submitted a bill that if passed would allow certain Maine hunters to wear red clothing for safety instead of the blazing orange that is now required by the law.
In order to stay true to their faith the Amish are prohibited from wearing bright colors, however Amish hunters are
currently forced to wear bright florescent hunter orange in order to be able to hunt legally.


Amish Hunting / Hunting Magazine

The Amish religion prohibits them from wearing Blazing Orange while hunting, A bill would have them wear red instead.


Bill, “LD 1430” was introduced by Senate President Thibodeau, and is currently in front of the Maine Legislature’s Inland Fisheries and Wildlife Committee. According to Thibodeau this bill is “An Act to Allow Maine Hunters whose religion prohibits wearing hunter orange clothing to instead wear red”

Senate President Thibodeau Stated,

“Hunting is an integral part of Maine’s culture, and many of our Amish citizens are avid hunters. They just want to have the same opportunities as other hunters in Maine.
“But the requirement to wear fluorescent orange while hunting conflicts with their religious beliefs, and I believe we can remedy that in the Legislature while at the same time maintaining high hunting safety standards in Maine.”


Bill “LD 1430” will go before the full Legislature after The Inland Fisheries and Wildlife Committee takes the initiative to vote on it. There is no definitive date for this to happen, but it is expected to happen in the near future.

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