Smell Invisible with Scent-A-Way MAX Fresh Earth Value Kit for Deer, Elk and Predator Hunters.


The Scent-A-Way Max Odorless Scent Control Kit lets you smell invisible by destroying odors! Features activated odor scrubbers that attract and aggressively attack bacterial odors at a molecular level. This means you get quicker and stronger scent control that lasts longer.

Great products for deer hunters, elk hunters, predator hunters and other big game hunters. Scent-A-Way Max Fresh Earth Kit has a limited lifetime warranty. Serious hunters prepare with Scent-A-Way!

Scent Control Kit Includes:

12 oz. Odorless Laundry Detergent
3.5 oz. Bar Soap
32 oz. Odorless Spray
(3) Three Individual wash towels
(1) One Fresh Earth Scent Wafer
(1) One Natural Pine Scent Wafer
(1) One Windicator


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