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Three Steps To Hunter Education

Quick and Easy Hunter Education with 3-Step Hunter Safety Training


Three easy steps using online hunter education: 1) Learn 2) Practice 3) Earn makes it convenient and easy to pass a state-approved hunter education course that is required in most states in order to purchase the hunting license. Outdoor Roadmap just introduced a new concise online hunter education course


Hunter Education can be an entry point for new hunters or a barrier. Making it simple and easy is a key in today’s fast-paced multi-tasking world.

Outdoor Roadmap launches a new hunter education information page for the new hunter so they can quickly and easily understand in three easy steps how they can earn their hunter education certification:

Step 1: Learn with a hunter education course, whether it is an online hunter education course or a classroom hunter education course. Outdoor Roadmap offers a new concise course with photos and interactive exercises at the lowest cost of any narrated online offering. This new online hunter education course is creating a buzz among hunter education administrators as they realize they can expand their offering to today’s budget-strapped hunter compared to the other courses at almost twice the cost.

hunter education
Three Steps To Hunter Education

Step 2: Practice with the hunter education course quizzes and exam. One of the main improvements of the new Outdoor Roadmap online hunter education course has been to consolidate the quizzes into one quiz at the end of the chapter. This speeds the course up, but yet still requires a student to thoroughly understand hunter safety in preparation for the field day/skill and/or test with the Hunter Education Instructor as required in most states.

Step 3: Earn the hunter education certificate upon successful completion of the hunter education course by scoring 80% or higher on every quiz and exam. A student must also read through every section of the content in order to print the certificate. There are no shortcuts in preparing a safe, qualified hunter. Initial field tests show Outdoor Roadmap educated students come to the field day well prepared with the knowledge and skills to be safe hunters.

The new concise Outdoor Roadmap course delivers high value lowest and is the lowest priced online narrated hunter education course at $13 – almost half the cost of the other hunter education courses. Plus, Outdoor Roadmap hunter education training uses photos and interactive exercises as opposed to watercolor illustrations. A University of Virginia study on learning tools indicates that use of photos provides an 80% retention rate for learning versus drawings that only scored a 70% retention rate.

A new hunter can take this new online hunter education offering at

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