Pyle PSHTCM88 Handheld Night Vision Camera with Record Video, Snap Images, LCD Display and Built-in Rechargeable Battery


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The Pyle PSHTCM88 Handheld Night Vision Camera records videos and snaps pictures. The invisible flash captures movement, in darkness and low-light situations, up to 700 feet away. Enjoy night-time recording from a distance or capture natural behavior of animals with this lightweight and powerful video camera. Snap hi-res images and video clips day or night. Built-in rechargeable battery provides hassle-free and wireless use perfect for scouting, camping, hunting or just plain old exploration of the great outdoors. Easily transfer recorded video and images via PC and share thanks to built-in 4GB memory. Charges via included USB connection cable or AC power adapter.Record Video and Capture Images – Night Vision Viewing up to 700′ Feet Away
Enjoy Hi-Resolution Capture Day or Night – Invisible Flash Sees in Complete Darkness
Up to 8X Optical Digital Zoom – 4GB Built-in Memory – Quickly Transfer Files to PC and Share
USB & TV Interface: Connects to Laptop, PC, TV – LCD Display: Preview Your Shot & Instant Playback
Built-in Rechargeable Battery – Use it for Camping, Exploring, Wildlife Research, Hunting – Size: 7.7″ x 3.1″ x 2.0″


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