Prescribed burns in spring


The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources is planning to conduct prescribed burning on various State Wildlife Areas, State Natural Areas, and some private lands in Chippewa, Dunn, Eau Claire, Pepin, Pierce and St. Croix counties this spring.

Prescribed burning is part of an ongoing effort to preserve and restore the landscape found within DNR properties throughout Wisconsin. These burns reduce leaf litter, improve wildlife habitat, redistribute nutrients and help control invasive species.

The window for conducting prescribed burns is relatively small, due to special weather conditions required. The moisture level of groundcover, wind speed and direction, and relative humidity must be just right for a safe and successful burn. Please note that planned burns may or may not occur, based on these factors.

Prior to any prescribed burns, trained personnel assess the area to determine wind direction and speed, relative humidity, grass moisture and safety requirements. Qualified personnel control fire behavior through the use of comprehensive planning and specialized fire equipment. Local police and fire officials are notified when and where burns will take place.

For information regarding prescribed burning or specifics about an individual burn site, contact:

  • Chippewa/Eau Claire counties: Bill Hogseth, 715-839-3771;
  • Dunn/Pepin counties: Jess Carstens, 715-232-1519; or
  • Pierce/St. Croix counties: Ryan Haffele, 715-684-2914 ext. 118.

To learn more about prescribed burning in Wisconsin, visit and search keywords “prescribed burning.”

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