Photos of Massive South Carolina Gator Taken by Hunter in Santee Lake

Massive South Carolina Gator Taken by Hunter Neeley
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It takes an uncommon sort of individual to chase and hunt down alligators though the dark of the night.

However, Hunter Neeley is not your typical hunter and the South Carolina hunter proved just that when he hunted down and incredibly large gator. Wait it was a truly massive gator measuring 13 feet 6.5 inches! This non-typical gator tipped the scales in an excess of 1,000 pounds, as reported by Neeley.

Neeley got the gator in Lake Moultrie in Santee, S.C. on Sept. 29.

Neeley told the Hunting Magazine that this monster reptile is actually his second huge alligator in about two weeks. Prior to bagging this giant gator, he helped another hunter take a 12 foot 7 inch, 800-pound gator. Making Hunter Neeley, “The Gator Hunting Legend.”

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