It’s hard to believe that this was already the second hunting for the Austrian Organization and FotoStoryAS

The duck hunting trip was organized by friends Marie-Theres Zwettler and Ales Maxa on the shores of Hodonínské Rybníky.

Duck Hunting Trip in Austria
Duck Hunting Trip in Austria

Autumn moved to its second part, the part full of fog so there is no other option than to fully enjoy the autumn weekend. Great duck and goose hunting again, meeting the old known faces as well as an excellent atmosphere during the three memorial days completed the exceptional nature of this hunting season. I would like to say thank you for inviting me and tolerating my ”photo-flashes” as well as to participants for perfect keeping the safety and all instructions of the organizers. Thank you and I hope we will meet again soon not only on hunting social events.

The hunting season goes on and we organized our second dug

Duck Hunting Trip in Austria
Duck Hunting Trip in Austria

and goose hunting with our freshmen hunters this year. As usual, most of the hunters were freshmen hunters that had passed the hunting exam recently. So, their individual support from our side was so important. Unfortunately, due to the warm weather, most of the geese have not returned from the North. But it is the hunt, you cannot plan it – And it is good this way. The weekend was nice, everybody was successful and hopefully, all have a lot of positive memories for a nice hunt (also thanks to these excellent pictures).


Duck Hunting Trip in Austria
Duck Hunting Trip in Austria
Duck Hunting Trip in Austria







But we are not resting, another hunt with our freshmen hunters is ahead of us! Good hunting! Adam Simandel (FotostoryAS)

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