Parker Bows Helps Raise Funds for Virginia Based – Hunters for the Hungry Program


Parker Bows Helps Raise Funds for Virginia Based Charity


Parker Bows, a leading U.S. manufacturer of high quality Compound bows, Crossbows and Crossbow Accessories has assisted in raising over $20,000 for Virginia Based Hunters for the Hungry (HFTH) program in 2013. The money raised will go to serve 1.3 million venison meals in 2014, distributed through Food Banks and other feeding programs throughout Virginia.

Parker Bows Helps to Raise Money for Virginia Hunters for the Hungry Program
Parker Bows Helps to Raise Money for Virginia Hunters for the Hungry Program

Parker has actively supported HFTH in Virginia for over 10 years, providing product and funds to assist in feeding needy families across the state. Funds are raised through raffles, banquets and special events throughout Virginia. Since 1991, HFTH has provided 5.3 million lbs of venison, equating to 21 million servings of venison going to Virginia families that need it most. Through help from hunters, deer processors and volunteers, the program has continued to flourish, expanding its outreach for 22 years. There are about 17 other states that have similar hunting based feeding programs.

“We appreciate Parker’s involvement with the HFTH program in Virginia,” said Gary Arrington HFTH Special Projects Coordinator. “The program would be nothing if it weren’t for companies and people like Parker helping us to help others.”

Founded in 1984, Parker Bows is one of the largest producers of compound bows and crossbows in the world. Parker’s rapid growth and success can be attributed to the highest quality, amazing performance and unmatched customer service. Parker’s attention to detail results in a superior product that is made in America and carries an industry leading Warranty

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