Fire Disc Grills - Find Your Own Kitchen Location
Fire Disc Grills - Find Your Own Kitchen Location

They are on every holiday list – of resident grill gurus that take up residence in the backyards from Memorial Day to Labor Day – FireDisc Grills. This year their holiday will be like none other thanks to a new FireDisc® Grill and an assortment of new accessories. FireDisc® Grills are no ordinary backyard grills. They not only barbeque, they bake, blacken, boil, broil, cook, deep fry, grill, scramble, sauté, sear, steam and can cook up mouth-watering, restaurant-quality delicacies ranging from your typical steak and burgers to gumbo, fajitas and paella. They have also been ruthlessly vetted by professional chefs. Wrap up a FireDisc® and you will have a grilling friend for life.


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The FireDisc® (36”)(MSRP $399.99) and FireDisc® Mini (24”)(MSRP: $379.99) are truly the Rolls Royce of grills due to a multitude of unique design attributes, unmatched durability, convenient portability and endless cooking options. These grills are guaranteed to delight even the toughest of grilling connoisseurs since they have already survived an in-depth “Chef-tested/Chef-Approved®” quality-assurance boot camp. Every FireDisc® Grill brought to market has been meticulously tested no less than 50 times by teams of renowned chef’s via a brutally rigorous, patented, quality control process. Award-winning chef’s from high end restaurants and teams of catering companies have test-driven every design element of a FireDisc® Grill from temperature range and control, to surface seasoning, cooking versatility, portability and durability.


FireDisc® Differentiators
Counter Height: The unique kitchen counter height design of the FireDisc 36” eliminates the need to bend over while cooking. This enables outdoor cooks to stand tall for hours at a time in idyllic, outdoor kitchen locations without subjecting themselves to back strain after a long day of mountain biking, deer hunting or outdoor pursuits with the family.


Flexible Stand: A flexible stand adapts easily to uneven outdoor surfaces allowing cooks to select their outdoor kitchens for the view, not the flat ground.


Diameter/Capacity: The 22” disc diameter and 5 gallon capacity makes cooking a multitude of delights for large gatherings a breeze. FireDisc® Grills are also uniquely designed with 3 surface sectors yielding high, medium and low temperatures and an additional 3-setting LP regulator for truly customized cooking.


Durability: Heavy-duty, high content, polished carbon steel is tempered for extreme ductility, hardness, yield strength, and impact resistance. In other words – this grill is bullet-proof. Powder-coated at 450 degrees, FireDisc® Grills stands strong against any kind of storm or tailgate party, and rust will never be part of the equation.


1-Minute Clean-up: When the party, game or camping adventure is done – cleaning takes a mere minute. FireDisc® Grills can be sprayed off with a hose, dried, and wiped with oil. Forget the


Portability/Storage: Unlike a regular BBQ, the FireDisc® isn’t a behemoth eyesore of a structure trapped in your backyard. The 3-piece portable design disassembles seamlessly for easy, flat storage in the car trunk, SUV, RV, tent, truck bed, or garage. Bonus: no screws, nuts, or bolts to wrestle or lose.


About FireDisc® Grills:
Texas-based FireDisc® Grills specializes in the design and manufacturing of the world’s most the innovative, high-quality and versatile outdoor grills and accessories. The company was founded by two entrepreneurial brothers, Griffin and Hunter Jaggard, who, armed with a makeshift tractor plow disc set out on a mission to build a grill worthy of everyone from the world’s top chef’s to hunters, backyard family grill masters, tailgaters and campers. FireDisc® Grill products are currently sold nationally via 300+ retail locations in 31 states and online throughout the globe.


Heavy-duty carbon steel construction render the grills indestructible, while meticulous designs yield convenient portability and ease-of-use. A rigorous “Chef-tested/Chef-Approved” quality assurance program enables the grills to deliver unmatched grilling characteristics, as they have been vetted by some of the world’s leading chef’s. Prior to their launch of FireDisc® Grills, the founders formed a non-profit to raise money and find a cure for MS. To date $1M has been raised via “The Carney Men” Bike MS team. Community involvement is the core of the FireDisc® brand in addition to the National MS Society they are proud supporters of the National Breast Cancer Foundation Inc, Bridges to Life and many more.


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