North American Hunting Competition
North American Hunting Competition

America’s Premier Online Big-Game Hunting Competition Prepares for 2013 Hunting Season, Accepts Advertisers, And Sponsors


As spring hunting season heats up, outdoorsmen across North America can now showcase their big-game hunting, photography and videography skills in the online North American Hunting Competition.

Avid hunters and outdoors enthusiasts can make the most of the 2013 hunting season with over 100 online competitions at North American Hunting Competition, the largest series of online hunting competitions of its kind, is now accepting new entrants, advertisers and sponsors for 2013.

Whitetail deer, muledeer, black-tailed deer, coues deer, Sitka deer, Rocky Mountain Elk, Roosevelt Elk, moose, bighorn sheep, antelope, dall sheep, mountain goat, caribou and black bear are all species eligible for the big game hunting competitions. All entries must be scored in a Pope and Young, Boone and Crocket, or SCI style format to be valid.

“People are naturally competitive; their desire to compete draws them to enter competitions where they can showcase their skills,” said Dave Seida, competition co-founder. “Man’s natural desire to compete is why our business will continue to grow at a rapid rate. We are giving average outdoorsman an opportunity to showcase their hunting, video and photography skills to peers across the continent.”

All hunting methods are permitted—from traditional bows to modern compounds like Matthew’s, PSE or Hoyt. Also allowed are crossbows and modern firearms, such as Winchester, Ruger or Browning. Hunters who prefer traditional methods may compete with an old Hawkins or a new Thomson/Center In-Line. “Everything from round ball to belted sabot is welcome,” Seida said.

Cash prizes will be awarded to the top three winners in each competition and all who compete are automatically entered to win a free guided elk hunt with High Lonesome Hunts, hunting gear and more.

For more information on the North American Hunting Competition, or to advertise, or sponsor go to and view our video on You Tube at

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About North American Hunting Competition LLC:
The North American Hunting Competition is the largest hunting competition in North America. Designed for the everyday person, the competition gives enthusiastic outdoorsmen and hunters across North America the opportunity to compete and showcase their skills. The hunting competition covers all animal species that can be legally hunted in North America. Also including video and photography competitions open to participants worldwide who enjoy capturing the spectacular outdoors.

The competition is founded by avid hunters Dave and Suzanne Seida, who live in Oregon. The brother-sister team created the competition because they wanted to create a community of hunters and outdoorsmen, by giving them a way to compete.

For more information please contact Dave Seida at 503-625-0428 or email info(at)buckandbull(dot)com

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