Walking and Hiking Apps for Outdoorsmen

Walking is the opportunity to step out of the rat race of daily life and reflect on things.

You get to slow down and take stock while exploring new landscapes and reconnecting with the wilderness or just some nature.

If you’d like to get outside and enjoy some moving mindfulness, it’s a great chance to unplug a little, but not all the way, given how various Android or iOS apps can help you out. So, get your hiking gear out and lace up your custom orthotics and get exercising.

Keep reading to learn about 7 that are worthy of your consideration.

1AlpineQuest GPS Hiking Lite

AlpineQuest gives you topographical maps that you can use online or offline. You’ll see where you specifically are on each map in live time, and you can even change the orientation so it reflects what you’re seeing. You won’t get lost with this app, which you can download for Android devices. It also works on some outdoor watches.


This is a very handy app that has almost a thousand different digital walking guides across the United Kingdom. You can look things up by the kind of walk, collection, county, or postcode to find the route that works for you. You can download this app from Google Play or the Apple store and then use it to add your own comments and photos to various routes as well.

3Go Jauntly

Go Jauntly lets you discover walks based on your current location before you navigate them using simple photo guides. Use this app to help collect personal favorites, document your routes with pictures, and then share them with friends. This is an iOS app.

4Outdoors GPS

This app will give you offline access to ordnance survey maps, so you won’t have to bring any maps out with you. Hikers get to choose from more than 20,000 free routes, and then they can navigate them using an in-built compass. Track your route and then save your favorites using the My Places feature. This iPhone app can also emphasize interesting points and let you share the images of your trek.

5Walking Meditations

This app will bring an element of mindfulness to your walk. If you’re not into seated meditation, or just want something different, then walking meditation is a great thing to try out. You can have a guided meditation with this app as it helps you experience your surroundings and body fully. You can download this app for your Android or iPhone.

6Walkmeter GPS

If your only real goal in walking is for the fitness, then it’s crucial that you have a good pedometer. Walkmeter GPS is a fantastic way to keep track of all your activity while easily viewing your stats. It will show you all your stats in useful graphs, letting you track your many walks. This app is available for both Android and iPhone devices. Most of the features come free to use, but there is an elite version you can upgrade to.

7World Walking

This app is available for both Android and iPhone devices, and it’s a great choice for global adventurers. It’s a production of the World Walking charity, and its intention is getting people moving outdoors to enhance their health and cut down on heart disease.

So, get your hiking boots out and get out and about across the countryside in comfort with our app suggestions.


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