Whitetail Deer Buck in Food Plot
Whitetail Deer Buck in Food Plot

Picture yourself perched up in a tall oak tree as the warm morning sun starts to peek over the horizon.


While you’re watching over a small grassy opening, you see several white-tail does move out into the lush grassy opening and then a short time later you see several big whitetail bucks browsing their way within bow or gun range of your stand. Your nose is awakened by the sweet smell of wood sap is in the air, and either way you turn your head you can see nothing but pristine hunting land. There are no other hunters, no traffic of any sorts, and you have all this hunting land to yourself.


This might sound like a dream, but one company is making this scene a “Dream Come True” for hunters around the United States – Land to Hunt, LLC. (www.landtohunt.com). Landtohunt.com is an online community that’s free to join and offers hunters a searchable database of prime private hunting lands. Landtohunt’s program is rather unique in that it allows for free account registration with a landtohunt.com account you can create your profile, add trophy pictures, review land you have hunted and share with hunters your experiences with the landowner and the land they hunted.


The benefits of using Land to Hunt, LLC (www.landtohunt.com) over other hunting land search and booking websites are endless.


Some of the core benefits are:

1. Quality Land to Hunt – by using land to Hunt the hunter gets exclusive rights to hunt on private land; you can choose from land of that varies in terrain and cover. You can read review rating and past success from other hunters that have hunted a piece of land prior to you.


2. Search, Share and Strategize – The www.landtohunt.com website offers quick, fast and easy searching and filtering of hunting land making it easy for you to plan and plot your hunting experience and share your strategy with other hunters and friends. When you finally tag that trophy, you have been after on a property you booked from the Land to Hunt website you can upload and share your photos with friends from your user profile. The website also offers a blog packed full of free hunting tips and strategies for those hunters looking for an extra edge.


3. Convenience – land to Hunt allows you to schedule your hunt right from the convenience of your recliner or

Whitetail Deer Doe
Whitetail Deer Doe

sofa. You can schedule daily reservations to hunt certain hunting properties when your schedule allows you to hunt, and you can arrive when you want and start hunting from the moment your feet hit the dirt.


If this appeals to you, you can probably understand the growing popularity and need for leased hunting land. Leasing and booking prime hunting land was once a practice only partaken in by the wealthy. But, with www.landtohunt.com they have put into reach the opportunity to book and hunt prime hunting lands within reach of the everyday hunter.


Get access to unprecedented hunting land for your next hunting venture by Signing up and Creating your Free www.landtohunt.com Profile today!

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