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Hunting TipsInsurance for Deer Hunters: An Odd but Great Gift

Insurance for Deer Hunters: An Odd but Great Gift

Father’s Day comes and goes every year with kids at a loss as to what to do for their dads. Birthdays, anniversaries and Christmas can be equally troubling.


What do you get the father or husband who seems to have everything? If he is a hunter, we have a suggestion: an insurance policy. Though it may seem an odd gift at first, insurance for deer hunters is something that every hunter should have. That is what makes it such a great gift idea.


Also known as hunting insurance or hunting liability insurance, this coverage is used to protect hunters against any liability related to hunting on private, leased lands. Many policies also include coverage for public land use as well. The idea is to protect the individual hunter in the event that he is injured, or he causes property damage during a hunt.


Deer Hunting Woods with Foot Bridge

The Liability Problem

There are two things the hunter needs to be concerned about relating to insurance for deer hunters. The first is liability. Whether a hunter is working private land under an exclusive lease or hunting on public lands, that individual is responsible for everything he does while in the field. If he were to accidentally shoot a partner, he would be liable for the injuries caused. There are also liability concerns relating to damaging leased land or neighboring properties.


Insurance for deer hunters covers these liability problems by paying for certain types of personal injury and property damage claims. How much is paid depends on the value of the policy and its coverage limits. At any rate, liability exposure is probably the number one reason to have hunting insurance.


Personal Injuries

A second reason to purchase insurance for deer hunters is the ever-present risk of personal injury. Though hunting has become dramatically safer over the last 50 years, accidents do happen. Hunters still accidentally shoot others after mistaking them for game. Guns still accidentally discharge while walking through the woods. Hunters still fall from trees and trip over unseen hazards along the trail.


It only takes one accident to rack up a lot of medical bills. What many hunters do not realize is that their personal health insurance has defined limits. Once those limits are reached, a patient must cover the rest of his/her medical care out-of-pocket. Given the potentially serious nature of hunting accidents, insurance for deer hunters is a very good idea.


Easy to Afford

Now that you know why your father or husband needs insurance for deer hunters, you also need to know that it is easy to afford. A good policy will not cost more than a few hundred dollars for a full year of coverage; if the hunter you’re thinking about only goes out during the fall deer season, you can get a three-month policy for a lot less.


Keep in mind that sportsmen need their hunting insurance policies to be written in a way that satisfies state laws and meets the requirements of a land lease. If you are thinking of purchasing insurance for your father or husband, you are better off letting him decide what kind of coverage he needs rather than purchasing something and surprising him.


Insurance for deer hunters is not something we generally consider a good gift idea. Nevertheless, it is. Insurance protects that hunter in your life against liability exposure or devastating financial loss in the event of personal injury. If your hunter already has everything he wants or needs, consider giving him insurance for the upcoming deer season. We promise it is a gift he will truly appreciate.



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