i-Hunting : Vector Topo Maps

iHunting, is now available  iOS & Android devices.  It uses hardware  acceleration for rendering vector hunting maps on all devices, making it the first application of its kind.

i-Hunting Gps App

Its a full-fledged hunting GPS unit and   includes virtually all the features that you would find in a high end GPS unit.  The application includes vector topographic maps, property lines, WMAs, hunt zones and more..

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Hardware accelerated Vector mapsi-Hunting : Vector Topo Maps

●      Offline Access

●      Parcel Property Line Maps

●      Hunt Planning Maps

●      Customizable and accurate elevation contours

●      Autofollow with real-time track overlay

●      Free download from Google Play & App Store


Vector Hunting Gps Maps in your browser

i-Hunting : Vector Topo Maps
i-Hunting : Vector Topo Maps


The hunting app  is available at http://hunting-app.toposports.com and includes the following features.

●      US Wide Parcel & Land Ownership Maps:  Includes ownership attributes, wherever available and widely used by large hunting land marketplaces like LandCashin.

●      Hunting Map Layers:Hunt Planning maps are available for each state and include hunt zones, WMS, restricted areas, refuge, game distributions, portions and more.

●      Switch background maps to Street Maps, USGS Satellite Imagery and more: To get an idea of the nearby terrain and streets, you can switch basemap to USGS aerial imagery or even regular street maps.

●      Change Elevation unit to feet, meter or fathom:

●      Distance bearing tool

●      Display latitude, longitude under cross hairs

●      Rotate maps using mouse or standard touch gesture (Text stays upright on rotation).

●      Tilt Maps / Bird’s Eye View

We’ve Found Several Offers - We Think You'd Like to Check Out Below.
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