Hunting Tips for Early Season Hunting

Hunting can be great fun and successful too with complete knowledge of when to hunt and how to hunt.

It becomes an immensely enjoyable activity when some practical tips are considered and followed respectively while hunting. To maximize the efforts to harvest your favorite sport that you are pursuing you must act as an expert hunter. No matter which animal and what size of animal you are going to hunt you just need to keep the following tips in your mind.

Natural instinct:

Instead of relying completely on the technological equipment you are using for hunting you need to follow your natural instinct. Use the clues you have obtained in your previous hunting. Sharpen your senses to feel the presence of your prey. Hunt the animal before it comes right before your eyes. If it happens you may lose the second chance of enjoying your favorite activity.

Survival knives:

Survival knives with thick and heavy blades and comfortable gripsDon’t forget to bring survival knives with you. Which will not only make your survival possible in the most dangerous situation rather make your final task easier and simpler. Their thick and heavy blades and comfortable grip would give you a wonderful experience. They can be used for skinning and trapping animals. They also allow you to carve and cut woods for other purposes effortlessly.

Select the right time:

You know which animal you are going to hunt, so are familiar with its behavior too. If not then do some research work on that animal and then select the right time. Basically to make your hunting game a success in the early morning and the time of dusk are considered the best in case of all kinds of animals. It increases the chances of making a good shot.

Hunting area inspection:

Before the start of hunting season hunting area inspection would be of great help. The experienced hunters are used to explore the area a couple of weeks before the hunting season starts. This very tactic will make you clearer about the hidden places in the area. You need to be proactive and sharp enough to hunt your animal down.

Animal (Game) research:

You must have complete knowledge of that animal’s behavior you are hunting as different animals react differently. Knowing the behavior of the animal will help you to develop the most effective strategies suited best to your animal. Its possible ways of reacting in danger will help you to figure out the best plan.

Move with four eyes:

While moving forward for hunting keep looking behind you. You must have two eyes at your back to be aware of any kind of danger. Safety is the first priority. Move towards your prey carefully and skillfully.

Wear quiet clothing:

It’s not only safe rather helpful to wear quiet boots and quiet clothing. Any noise made by you may risk your life or fail you in your pursuit as most of the animals have an excellent sense of hearing. So avoid popping twigs, sticks and other crunchy debris which may cause your animal to move into red alert mode.

Scent-free soap:

Human odor spooks animals, so it is necessary for a hunter to take shower with scent-free soap, keep your hunting clothes with leaves and other ground debris, by doing so the natural jungle odor will make your target easier to achieve. You may wash your hunting suit in a non-scented detergent before heading towards the jungle.

Odor eliminator:

To make your hunting a success use odor eliminator after reaching the tree stand, apply it to your body specially hat and hair.

Tree stand:

One must practice setting up and taking down your tree stand. Getting into and out of your spot as quietly as possible is the key factor in getting your animal down. An undetected Tree stand is really helpful to fool the wary eye of your animal to be hunted.

Try using a bow:

A compound bow has proved to be a great asset while going on hunting. The selection of the right bow also matters. Use that one which is the most suitable for you. It must be according to your size and strength. Grab the ideal bow and wait for the magical moment to come. Practice shooting at the different elevations and positions to get yourself fully expert. Don’t let the opportunity go and kill the game more efficiently.

The above are the most useful and easily implemented tips. It would be of great help not only for beginners but for experienced hunters too. Wear warm clothes to enjoy the sport as your hunting experience can easily be spoiled by the cold weather. These simple tips will make you successful in pursuing your target hunt. The given skills and tricks are quite necessary to trick your prey and have them killed effectively. So enjoy the game!

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